24 Hour Dental means Dental Services on Sundays. Do you imagine that the internet is the "be all and end all" of access to information? In a sense, this is true but in another sense the internet fails in many ways to provide accurate information because of of false advertising. Some people might find this hard to believe but I am going to give you an example of something that search engines are definitely failing to provide. Have you ever thought about 24 hour emergency dental treatment?

Maybe you have never thought about this because the need for a 24 hour dentist that will even work on a Sunday or a holiday has never arisen. Twenty four hours means twenty four hours. It means that I can call your office at 3.am on a Sunday morning and expect that someone (not a answering machine) will pick up the phone and be concerned about a toothache that is killing me. There is a website claiming to be able to do this but I have not yet been able to verify if it really is 24/7. Maybe someone can verify if http://www.24hourdentist.com/emergencyservices.html  is living up to it's name? I welcome anyone to post below about any real 24 hour dental services that have personal experience with. Just remember to leave as much info as possible including the location and especially a contact telephone number that is not going to be an answering machine.                 


Didn't you know that I am a multi millionaire  and need to catch a plane at 9am to New York for one of the most serious hostile takeovers in my company's history. I am willing to pay you between USD 1,000-2000 if you can solve my problem immediately.  My problem could be your problem to solve. Can you provide these services 24 hours a day?

1. Cosmetic Dentistry

2. Denture Replacements

3. Crown and Bridge

4. Gum Treatment, periodontal

5. Implants, Dental Implants

6. Fillings

7. Porcelain and Gold Emergency Restoration

8. Stain Removal and Teeth Whitening

9. Cosmetics/ Cosmetic Surgery

10. Tooth Pain Reduction 




A similar incident actually happened to someone I know. He has a toothache on a Sunday afternoon but had to travel the next day. This man thought he would try his luck by searching for "24 hour dental treatment" or "24 hours dentist." Yipee! When he performed the search, he found tons of links pointing him to companies that provide 24 hour dentistry for his area. 

             services for millionaires

                             NO LUCK WITH SEARCH ENGINES

Unfortunately after more than one hour of intense search and investigation (and a tooth ache that was intensifying) he gave up, because all the links that supposedly gave information on 24 hour dental treatment only led him to Dentists and Dental Treatment companies which did not have 24 hour services. He did find long winded explanations on what he wanted but could not find a single contact that actually provided them. This man contacted me for some help and so I became part of his urgent search team. When I started doing searches, I immediately recognized that most of the dental treatment companies were targeting all sorts of keywords, since dentistry is highly competitive in the area I live in. Even dentist portals were targeting keywords that had to do with 24 hour dental treatment but none of the information was entirely correct. 

After having followed natural links, PPC links, making calls to answering machines and telephones that did not answer, I finally found a company that had information about one particular Dentistry that provided exactly what the businessman needed.

                          THE  DIRECTORY WILL NEVER DIE

We will never be able to get rid of good directories. The reason is that a search engine cannot verify whether or not the information it is being fed is actually true in every case. Someone building a specialized directory can. If I were to build a Directory for 24 hour dental treatment, I would have to hire people to actually call all the companies that are listed in the Directory on a regular basis to make sure that they are in business and also to verify that they can actually provide the services they claim. 

                                   24 HOUR  DENTAL INFO 

I am sorry if you came to this page looking for a 24 hour dentist. I hope you do find one as soon as possible. I know you are in pain right now. If anyone running a 24 hour dental treatment service portal listing services worldwide and is serious about keeping it real, then contact me and I will link to you from this page. If you found a good local service and you want to post the details here- please feel free