Since search engine gurus are always telling us that unique content websites will get the best treatment, I though it would might be helpful for someone who is in some kind of pain to know about my personal experiences with Acupressure and Acupuncture. There are millions of people who take acupuncture and acupressure seriously and I personally have found pain relief from Acupressure. Acupressure is basically Acupuncture without needles. Take a look at the following advert and you will see that many Asians consider Acupuncture as part of their health plan.


I am not a doctor and don't claim that this page is going to be the answer to everyone's pain, but I am worthy enough to share my own experiences. I met a very good western doctor one day from France who told me a problem with the  western medical world is that cures will only be accepted if people can prove how they work. This means many doctors work on a basis of things they understand but cannot accept an incomprehensible situation. I also have a problem with a lot of doctors and hospitals who could not care less about giving hope to people troubled by aches and pains. When I judge a doctor, I like to take a close look at his wife to see how relaxed and healthy she is. This is because there is an ancient saying that Doctors cannot cure those in their own homes. Could this be true? Or is the ancient saying telling us that we need to see how doctors treat their own family if we are to call them doctor? Forget qualifications in this case because we are humans and we need people to help us feel better. Many chinese doctors want to make people feel better. Someone might say "what is the point of feeling better?" while others know that "feeling better" might actually help someone to get better more rapidly. If you are feeling terrible all the time do you think that it is going to speed up a healing process? I leave that for you to experience in your own life.

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My guess is that any decent doctor who really does care for his patients is going to care about his own family as well. If his personal life is in a shambles then he is going to display it when he is alone in a hospital talking to me. I can see straight through his nonsense. Why is it that so many doctor's wives look so unhealthy and miserable? My guess is that these days it is only about money! Why did they become doctors? If it is only for money, then you are not a true doctor at all because your attitude makes me sick. I am not so worry about falling dead these days so the fear factor does not work with me. Don't you think that fear is a useless medicine? I remember some kind person I met in the past giving me some advice and telling me to live "One Day at a Time" so, if you are alive today and able to read this, I rejoice with you! I don't have all the answers but I can share about what I know in regards to Acupunture and Acupressure. Who knows? Maybe someone can try it if nothing else is working!

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                         Tropical Techniques in a Modern World 

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My first visit to a chinese doctor was remarkable. I was formerly a skeptic in these things but it was my late mother who recommended that I visit a particular Acupressure/Acupuncture specialist. This is because several years before this I had injured my back at the golf course trying to over swing a pitching wedge at the tee off on a par 3 hole. At the end of the swing I could hear some weird sounds in my joints. This is not really the whole story. I can tell you that I sometimes like to do things that would easily pull a muscle or get my body slightly out of joint. Let's say I am not someone who is not too careful about how they treat their body. At the time my mother gave me this recommendation I had already been in pain for several years. Western medicine's answer to this is usually pain killers and lots of rest. Well, nothing was helping me and I was ready to try anything. I had pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck. The pain was so uncomfortable that I would eat to try and  relieve it. I put on unwanted weight and when I tried to exercise to lose weight I could not do it for long because it was too painful. Let's say I was caught in a  trap. I remember going to the chinese doctor and within a few minutes he was applying  pressure with his fingers to certain parts of my body with immediate results. I remember feeling an incredible relief and a surge of blood flowing through my veins again. What had he done? I did not understand it but I felt I had become ten years younger in a few minutes. Whatever he did enabled me to go for a run that same night. Yes! I could not even walk properly but after treatment I was running!  Being able to do sports again also helped me to not only get better but also feel better. As I write this I have been spending far too much time on the internet and not enough on exercise. I am going to use this time as a reminder to myself to do something this evening, even if it is only for a few minutes. Modern lifestyles can make people incredibly lazy. It's time again to break out from the mould and get into an exercise program! LOL!

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              Nice things and nice people can make us feel better!

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After my first experience with acupressure I bought a whole bunch of books because I became fascinated with the topic and remember reading a book called "Acupuncture without Needles" which was designed for "the rest of us." In this book I learned that Acupressure was older than Acupuncture and that it arose from an ancient chinese need during war times to immediately "fix" soldiers who had got out of joint somehow. I also made several more visits to that chinese doctor and took note of what he was doing every time I visited him. I know that there are good and bad doctors in western and chinese medicine but I was fortunate to know someone who seemed to know what they were doing and his services brought the necessary results I needed. I remember him telling me that western science knows how to operate internally on people but has failed to understand the human nervous system. He told me  this because I previously had trouble breathing but there was nothing wrong with my lungs. His explanation was to do with the nerves around my lungs somehow being "twisted" and unable to send correct messages to my brain. Advanced Acupressure to me is definitely not massage. To say that this chinese doctor was simply giving me a massage would probably be a great insult to him as I perceived that he had been studying his craft for several decades. This doctor had is own sequence of attacking certain pressure points. He knew instinctively where to start pressing and where to end. He also knew acupuncture but only used it as a last resort. At the end he would tickle his patients. You might think that being made to laugh uncontrollably is ridiculous  but amazingly he was gifted enough to know how to tickle me and release something in my body while I laughed my head off. I am not only one who was helped by this man. I believe that he was an incredibly gifted man, but the chinese would probably say that he possessed qi (also know as chi) I also know another man like him who is a retired Kung Fu expert. This man likes me because I have sent plenty of business to his clinic. Let's say I am a great salesman for him and I don't want to be paid because his ability to ease my pain is payment enough for me!


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There have been people who have laughed at me when I told them about how acupressure has helped me personally. This is probably because they have been brought up in a culture which does not accept a a way of helping others unless there is enough medical evidence or absolute proof. The chinese believe in Meridian points on our bodies. They believe that these points are all connected. I am not going to give any sort of detailed explanation on how acupressure or acupuncture works because I can't. All I can tell you is that it works for some people and it has definitely worked for me. If you have come across a decent chinese doctor who has helped you in some way, I believe it is right to give them the recognition they deserve. I don't feel that these men get praise. You need to find the right one and word of mouth recommendation is the best way. Find the doctor who actually helped someone and forget about what his qualifications are because results are really the true qualification.

I could actually write volumes about acupuncture and acupressure from a patient's perspective but I have given a chance to anyone who wants to comment about their own personal experiences to submit info to this channel. Please keep it real. My experiences are real but I don't think that the best way for chinese doctors to get more clients is through the internet. I believe that word of mouth is more powerful when it comes to this kind of business. By the way, I have introduced more than 20 clients to chinese doctors. If I find a good one, I will recommend them to others for free. This is because I know what it is like to be in pain. I know what it is like to be released from that pain too. I am not saying this solution is for you but to not tell others about how it has helped me would be a crime.