It is a great pleasure for me to write about advanced interaction on the internet. However, you are probably not going to be taught about this in school or even on most blogs. You are going to learn this online and some of you are learning it using Ultima Online. I am not an Ultima Online Gamer but one thing that I know as an Ex-Gamer is there are plenty of people teaching others for free. Why? It is because they have an interest in something. It means that their social interaction is pure. It means that they want to help and participate. They want to be known but it might not be because they want glory for themselves. No! They are happy to present themselves through their Avatar

Actually, I am not really an Ex Gamer. No! I am still an Avatar. Can you see my character at the top of the screen? I never stopped playing but now I am in a different game. This game is much slower but it can be financially rewarding if you are willing to put an enormous amount of effort into it. Just like you need to know how to play Ultima Online, you also need to know that domain name value is also a game and there are ways to enter it, learn about it and fight with others against the enemy. Who is the enemy? Maybe that will require you to spend more time on virtual game play in my game so that we can discuss it. I am talking about two different things here but actually I am not. I want people to see the passion of a person who I selected as a good example of someone who is benefitting the internet community. These people are not being paid to do this. No! It is from their heart that they do it and they ought to be respected. Watch the video and see how advanced this gamer is. He knows how to navigate something on the internet and he is interacting with me. He is an advanced social networker in my books.. or should I say "my game"


If we read something, view a video or listen to a song, we are learning all the time. Do you know where I learned about being committed to something? I learned this on the internet through an online RPG. Yes! I am much older than the guy in this video but I feel I understand where he is right now. If someone wants to know the game that I used to play way back then I am not ashamed to show it to you. I wish I had some screen footage of my previous Avatar to show you but I don't. I have no problem however showing you footage from someone else. Do you know that sometimes in order to kill a monster or kill a very powerful character it might take you months to develop enough power or skill. You will have to study hard, work hard and play hard in order to do it. Sometimes you need help from others too. There are many people who are not going to understand this but I personally encourage people to play online games when they are young, especially playing with others. Later on you can use these skills in business. You need to find a way to do it. It is possible to use passion and redirect it (of course you don't have to give up your games) into something that will earn money. OK, the next media presentation is something I used to be involved in. If you want to know what I am doing now I don't need to answer that because I am interacting with you on this page which is my new game and my new game has many levels and many rules. It is also extremely tough to play this game. I was playing what some consider to be the GodFather of MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game called Merdian 59 and I was one of those 25,000 beta players who helped changed the landscape of the internet gaming industry.  The next presentation was put together by someone who tried to show us the history of these games beginning with Meridian 59, the Realm, Ultima Online .. World of Warcraft, Evercrest , Lineage .. Cabal Online and.. more... Surely this is good education! It deserves to be on whoisbid because it is a part of the history of online games.


I welcome any Gamers to post anything they want here about new games and why you like them.  I am now training an new Avatar character called WHOISBID who is playing an advanced interactive online game here too. I am still a gamer and know about the world of gamers and my character is friendly. You are welcome to join my guild @whoisbid and fight together on the internet in different ways.