Why on earth would I want to write about Air Conditioning Systems? Why would my opinions on Air Conditioning Systems be of any value to someone else? I want you to know that I have designed this page to target experts in this area. I am looking into your world as an outsider probably would. I want to know how you think. I am hoping that we can keep this discussion using terms that the common man would understand. I am not worried if your explanations do not follow the exact technical definitions associated with the HVAC business. What is important is that I understand.

Of course I could always look up the questions and  answers on the net, but I want to have some response in my own space on this page. So I am going to make this a questioning page. I will also be happy for someone to leave a link to their airconditioner business or company if they are happy to take the time to answer me.

Did someone land on this page who knows more about HVAC than I do? Are you making money in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning business? Do you have the time to respond to an outsider on some questions he has about the airconditioners in the building he is currently writing from?


Take a look at the airconditioner vent above me. How am I going to know what type of system is being used? Can I tell from just looking at the vent? I don't think it is possible, do you?

               air compressor

I went outside and found that there were hundreds of what I believe are compressors. There are about 400 offices in this building. I am wondering if the owner is using the most efficient system. Would an HVAC expert be able to tell me this from just taking a look at this very basic information? Where would I need to start looking if I wanted to know if this building is using the most energy saving efficient system? 

              industrial chiller

If I spend some time investigating the building's current air cooling system, do you think I would find an industrial type chiller like the one above in the basement or maybe a cooling tower on the roof? Do you think that these questions are dumb? We all know that people building new websites are looking for backlinks and so don't you think that you deserve a link if you are able to help someone who is asking the HVAC community to answer these cooling questions. This is not an HVAC conference and I am hoping that someone who is chilled out will be happy to point us to some fundamentals of air conditioining contained on your site. If you think that the information I have given on the airconditioning system is insufficient to be able to answer the questions, then tell me about the next bit of info that you need and I will find out and hopefully be cool enough to add it to this site. I look forward to the first answer.