I was recently involved in an opinion poll which asked people if they knew what an Anemometer was but I personally believe that results from opinion polls on particular topics will not be accurate enough to answer certain questions. 

The question was "Do you know what an Anemometer is?" To a meteorologist the question would probably be ridiculous but interestingly most people don't actually know what the word means. Just because something is defined on Wikipedia does not mean that everyone is going to view those pages on Wikipedia which talk about them. This page isn't really about Anemometers but about sales and marketing. If you don't know what an anemometer really is then you can watch the following video and find out about one of the first types that was ever made. It is called the cup anemometer.


The video of the Anemometer actually seems to be quite basic and does not go into any real detail about what cup anemometers actually are. It is a simple visual demonstration with heavy metal music which displays a good level of enthusiasm for the subject. Yes! This is what this page is actually about. There are going to be plenty of young people who have just built their first cup anemometer in school and if they were able to successfully construct one I am sure that they would be looking for some kind of music to get them into the mood for Anemometry.

Lets take a look at the enthusiasm in building their first anemometer. Don't you think that these people are having fun? Who knows what will happen to the children later on? Don't you think it is possible that one of them could end up as a world authority in wind speed and direction analysis? I enjoyed the video and the enthusiasm of the teacher, didn't you? 


If you are a grown up then it might be possible that you need to feed your mind and spend about an hour learning about Hot Wire Anemometry and Laser Doppler Velocimetry through a good video released by the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.