I am using the title above in the hope it might bring out some of you who value your privacy. Please listen carefully, I am not against social networks for the purpose of socializing with friends and family. No! not at all! This website is not a social website although it is involved a little in a fake Twitter network. I have over 10,000 followers on Twitter but almost all of them are automated account. I am using Twitter to release my content to spam engines who copy my material and put it on their websites before Google spiders this site.  Sometimes I might use Facebook for friends but it is so rare. I don't want to use Facebook for business and that is my choice. Maybe it is your choice too. I want websites for business because I can own a website but I cannot own a social network channel so putting my content on social networks is like throwing money into the toilet. If you don't understand you have to watch the next video because it might change the way you think about everything and you suddenly wake up and see how social networks are preventing you from making decent money!


                                        FACEBOOK HOE

Do you know what a hoe is? It is an agricultural tool. It has something to do with work and making progress. This website is about making money. I want to make more money when I can and if I can help anyone along the way, then I believe I am providing something useful. People need to make money in order to survive. Some of us don't want to be part of someone's multi level marketing scheme. All the big players on the internet are roping people into on huge MLM system. If you spend on this site you will understand why. Most people won't take time to understand how their website is being undermined. 

              facebook for business

                   Fakebuck could be worth over a million dollars

I am sure there are some successful people making money using Facebook but I am not one of them and I don't want to be either.  I don't support Twitter for Business either because I believe in my own website for business. Why should I want to be found on someone else's network? The only I would use their network is to send people back to my website. Don't find my on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.. No! Find me on because my best content will normally be on my own website and my trash on social networks.

I personally hate the idea of  Facebook for business in it's current form. Facebook is successful in social networking and I believe it should stay that way. What about you? Do you want to comment on this? You certainly have your chance now that Disqus has been implemented here. Oh, by the way... I will accept your Disqus comments whether you have a photo of yourself in your profile or not. As for fake profiles I think we need to watch the following video. I am sorry! I also deleted Disqus from this website because I found it to be of no value to me whatsoever from a technical standpoint. If you think I am a loser then think again. I used to play with a particular Youtube channel some time back and made a video and got 15,000 views but not a single thumbs up. Something is wrong if so many people enjoyed the video. What is it? Could the next video be giving the answer? Just how much of Youtube is now manipulated like this?


                               FACEBOOK NOT FOR BUSINESS

I have Facebook for friends and relatives. I have no interest in posting any information about myself in the format that is expected from us on Facebook in order to make money. I don't want to have to put a photo of myself on the internet for business unless it is on a page of my business website that someone might want to go to if they really wanted to see my face. If you pay me enough I might consider putting my face on the internet but it would be have to be six figures because my face is money. LOL! I don't want to make a profile with stories about myself that leads people to think good things about me to convince them to buy from me . I don't want people to know my real name on a public social network and certainly information on my race, nationality or beliefs on a social network for business is irrelevant. I want to keep these details only for family and friends. I don't want to press Facebook Like buttons or be forced to press Google Plus One buttons.

I am quite happy to simply do business through traditional websites with the aid of search engines and Twitter and to keep the focus on the company itself as well as the products and services it offers.. I am happy that Google is not owned by Facebook. Aren't you? Guess what? I don't need to be on Facebook. Well, not yet anyway!  If you have built a company with a good reputation, the company logo itself tells the story of something that can be trusted. Why would you need to put the focus on yourself when the focus has been the ability of the company all along?

                              FAKE BIRTHDAY REMINDERS

I don't need Facebook to track my friends or remind me of when to send them birthday greetings. If I care about certain people, it means that they will be on my mind and I don't want a computer to remind me. It is all so fake!  I don't want to put a photo of me smiling for others if I don't feel like smiling at the moment. If my Facebook account is confined to my friends and relatives then I should not need to pretend about anything. If I am unhappy, I can show it to them. If you can't show your true feelings to your friends, then maybe you don't really have any real friends. True friends are difficult to find, so it alls nonsense if someone is saying all his or her 1000 Facebook followers are friends. 

                             MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

There are plenty of people active on the web who do no want to tell you everything about what they actually do for a living. Many of these people are serious professionals. Their work requires a level of competence that has no connection whatsoever with their personality. If they have a personality, then that is great for a party but they are not in business to have fun. They work because they need to eat and live. They are quite happy to separate their work environment from their social life. A lot of these people might be getting paid to do something that will produce results. If their employers are international businessmen (working with all races of people) they will probably not be interested in who their employee's friends are, what color their skin is or how well they write, speak or even dance on a social network. Their employers are interested in less talk, hard work and most importantly results. When you interview someone for a job are you looking at their photograph and their hobbies in their resume? No! You should be looking to see what they are capable of doing. Social Media is about much talk, isn't it? Much talking and very little doing. Everyone wants to have an opinion on what someone else is doing and sometimes it turns into malicious gossip to the point that certain employers and employees start to see the dangers of social networks.  How many people are actually doing something meaningful for business on social networks? Almost no-one. The more time to spend putting your content on social networks, the poorer you are going to become because your content should be on your own domain.