Who is the world's greatest artist? Surely from a monetary standpoint it is the one who receives the highest bid for a painting or an art piece isn't it? That is certainly the only metric that the world currently knows and my guess is that as time goes by we will see the value of any ancient masterpiece increase.

There are a lot of strange people in Art (like the video on the left) - I am kidding of course .. but you also have your working Graphic Artists like Arena Creative in the video below. This guy is not working in a gallery but then again he has an internet gallery of his photography. I hope that no-one minds me mixing up different forms of Art because to me it is not all the same but "each to his own" and one facet of Art and Artwork is no different to the others. What I really mean is I would like to have the ability to be able to treat all art forms simply for what they are- Art! Did you know that writing is an art, even if you cannot write professionally? This is because producing your own original content means that you are going to create a page with multiple words and if it really was written by you, then the word count, structure of those words and the final "picture" is going to be unique. It is your "artistic signature" 


You have to breathe in deeply in order to appreciate the environment that the artiste has created. To others it is serious business and you might even need a good salesman to sell your works. If you are not Jan Vermeer, Joshua Reynolds, Pierre Bonard, Nicholas Hilliard or even Hieronymous Bosch you are going to need people to help you spread the word about your artistic abilities through various forms of media.

              vermeer painting

                           Guitar Player by Jan Vermeer

I bet that most people coming here don't know who Vermeer really is but maybe a copied image showing one of his art pieces might refresh your memory. The image is not actually copied but you have to figure out why I am saying that. I am sure that many artists have studied his techniques. Apparently some of them believe that he did not bother with detailed underdrawings but simply laid down areas of flat colour. Yikes! If you are not an artist you will probably have no idea what that means. Do you think I am an artist? There is a phrase called the "con artist" and I hope you don't think I am one of those!  It does not really matter because what is important to all of us is the impression that the artist has left on us. Most brilliant artists are going to die without proper recognition. Come on! Get with the program!  What about modern day artists who no-one knows too much about? How are they going to let us know about their works? I guess they might have to make their own art gallery website and try and find ways to let people know about it. Surely you want to be remembered like Rembrandt, Rubens and Van Gogh? Maybe you think that could be aiming too high but if you don't have any goals how could you ever know how many people like your art work? Do you want to always be at the mercy of some Gallery? Why not make your own gallery? I hope you like the small gallery I have made here. 

             art competition

Whois Bid Art Competition?

Some  people say that competitions are a good way to get people's attention. I am wondering which enthusiastic  artist is reading this and is going to be the first one to identify which realist made the oil canvas shown above and what was his nationality.  Come on, don't be shy! You can always Tweet me and let me know. I am waiting for you to appear here and leave a link to your gallery. You can't automatically leave a link here because I control my own gallery - Muhahaha! If you are concerned about your privacy then don't worry because your profile does not need to show your face or a photo because I believe in secret art as well. What is the secret to your art? Could the secret be that your art is a secret? Does that make you feel more comfortable now? 

If you failed my test and it is too difficult to identity that particular painter then you might know more about the one below. Does he inspire you in any way? OK, for the image below I am going make it easier by giving you a multiple choice. He is either Thomas Gainsborough, Antoine Watteau, Rembrandt van Rijn, Diego Velazquez, El greco, Caravaggio, Titian or Georges Seurat. 

             post impression painters


                              WHO THE HELL IS SARI?

Have you ever heard of this gallery? I definitely have! How did I know about it? Let me tell you a secret ok? A Tweeter replied to a message of mine on Twitter about Lady Gaga. Yes! That was enough to inspire me to show where world's meet. I think it is easy for someone to understand if they have been a bridge between these worlds. Go and take a look at Sari's Art  for yourself or visit her Art Gallery


I hope that some artists in the future will be surprised that they got a mention from whoisbid because I don't mind displaying your works on my website. If you don't believe you are in the ranks of Duccio de Buoninsegna, Jan van Eyck or Piero della Francescathey don't worry about it! There are other artists in the world who most definitely have some interesting pieces which show to me that they are probably happy people. Maybe they won't show it one their faces but you can see that they want to be happy in their art. Who are you? Could it be that you are from a place like Sherwood Oregon or the Holmberg residence? Where is that? Who cares anyway because an artist's location and nationality is not important anymore. Can I visit your gallery and at least be left with an impression of who you are by the the fact that their work is being shown on a digital platform. Where is your gallery and are you interacting with me?

             making money

The El Greco spiritual perception

Maybe some of you know about the El Greco painting on the left. I personally see something in this which I am not really at liberty to discuss on this page. It tells me about the nature of certain men with wrong intentions using the wrong platform to make money. I think the best way to make money is to be honest about your intentions. You want money and you need money. Why not become more business like? There are plenty of people who are interested in making money on Twitter but some of you are cloaking your real intentions and I believe El Greco is writing about you- whoops- painting about you (what's the difference anyway?)