Most people are unaware that a large percentage of the blogs that exist on the internet are fake. Where did I get this evidence from and how did I know that most blogs are fake? From a distance it is very difficult to tell, but if you spend your time investigating the matter you will eventually find out. In fact, most of social media is fake too.


              arificial plants

                              What are  Royalty Free Images?

Take for example the royalty free image above (yes I just declared it free from Royalty) and for a purpose. Can you tell that the plant and flowers are artificial? Probably not! In order for you to know, you will have to go closer and find out by actually feeling the plant. This is where we can see that our sense of touch is very incredible. In fact, all our other senses are important. If you want a double confirmation because you don't believe your sense of touch, then put your nose to the artificial flowers to smell a sort of natural perfume scent that is supposed to be there. 

              feeling plant

                  SE's don't like us copying other people's images

I was amazed most recently when a luggage industry Tweeter who has a site with a type of carry bag (which is also  a luncheon table) told me that that the whois bid was confusing but also intriguing. Yes! This site definitely has some unique information. How did I get it? I want to tell you that I certainly did not scrape a website to make whois bid! There! If you know what scraping is, then you will find one of the reasons why most blogs are like artificial trees.

             i love artificial plants

What on earth is this man trying to do with the potted plant? Is he trying to  reproduce content with it? If the plants and man together made up the blog we have to conclude that the whole thing is 100% artificial wouldn't we? Unfortunately the way that the web works will not prevent him from making the plant pregnant because even fake things on the internet will grow. That is just a part of the life of a digital age florist trying to sell those fake flowers on the net. Although is it not natural, we have to accept it. Just get used to it and you will be fine!