I am always trying to bring something unique to whoisbid and one of the things that I wanted to write about today is how we can get some sort of idea of who we are being associated with on the web as far as search engines are concerned. If you don't have much patience with reading text, you can always try taking a look at what images appear on your screen when you type in the url of your website in image search.

            image results

Straight away You can see that the top images have something to do with website worth. These images have to give some kind of indication about what we are currently associated with. The website statistics for who is bid have shown that many of the visitors to this site have found us using similar keyphrases. It is quite interesting because if you scroll down further you will also see associations with other sites. Sometimes pictures can help you understand much faster than using text. 


            young blogger

Taking a look at other images tells me more and more that currently the site is being connected with such words as value, worth, price and so on. Sometimes people will spend enormous amounts of time looking at variations in words in order to bring the maximum exposure they believe is humanly possible for a certain topic. It does not mean that this site however is completely linked to these topics because the search engine has not yet revealed who are the similar sites. I know that all of these things can be very tiresome to someone who simply wants to build a site but it is good idea to check these things now and again because if you are targeting a particular topic, it may be very important for you to be careful about which sites you are associating with. This all has to do with backlinks, blog links and social network links (in the case of Twitter the Retweets from others to you) I personally feel that social network links have very little power right now as far as boosting your website rank but for a new website starting out, anything is better than nothing for some people.

             oil rig

I believe that the Google search engine is extremely sophisticated, even though there are tons of people complaining about irrelevant replies to certain search strings. Google seems to know what people are doing. Take a look at the picture above which is showing a deep water oil platform. I remember posting a comment about Deepwater Exploration because I have some personal interest in the oil and gas business.

             pc oscilloscopes

The trails that people leave are all quite fascinating. Google even knows that I have talked about Oscilloscopes on other sites and as you can see, the images are showing an oscilloscope. If you want to profile someone's website using image search there is something that you can detect pretty fast if you want to understand if they have been creating link wheels to their own websites. You see the temptation is really great for a person who has a high page rank website to link out to all his other sites that are less powerful. If you have done this, you might want to try image search and type in the url of your site to see who you are being associated with. If you find that you are only being associated with all your other websites, it might be a good idea to refrain from using those old fashioned link wheel techniques that leave an easily identifiable footprint. The temptation is so great because it is not easy to get links from other sites and on top of this is the fact that most websites have implement the no follow attribute.

           buyng wine online

The information you find is all rather sobering isn't it? People leave a trail on their activities related to their website. Take a look for example at this guy drinking a glass of wine. Well, I have written about the wine business too. Maybe you ought to step back and get your  sip of reality from the power of image search and how it has associated you with other sites and topics.