This is being written to warn some of you about Heathrow Airport. This is because I personally made a complaint to a staff member at a check-in desk before taking a flight to Germany and almost had the security come to man handle me away. Of course I was angry about something but I did not use foul language, racist remarks or anything that could get me into trouble legally. I am careful about what I say in public. I learned this a long time ago. Later on I went to see the manager and made a complaint giving my suggestions that the staff at the Airport need better training on customer relations. Somehow I felt that they did not understand or maybe they simply did not care. I still made the complaint anyway because if enough people complain it might be possible that something positive might happen in future.. LOL! 

This page is not completely negative and I thought we could take a break for a little while and think about preparing ourselves for the luggage check-in counter. The following video is for those who find this fascinating. It gives advice on how to pack a Duffle Bag.


Obviously there will be people who are using a suitcase and it would be wrong to leave you guys out so here is the resource on "How to pack a suitcase" and this video is really for ladies who want to pack nicely. I think that ladies normally pack better than men. I don't have enough statistics to make a scientific conclusion but I believe most people would agree.



OK - Back to the topic of allowances! I do not live in London and I was made to queue up for at least half an hour at Heathrow Airport only to find out that the baggage regulations had changed since my last visit. The problem is that there was no obvious sign to be found showing that there had been a recent  change in luggage regulations. The people working at the check-in counter seemed to enjoy the fact that they knew about something that I did not. The reason I was angry is because they seemed to enjoy making me feel like a school dunce. I believe that there is no law about the tone by which someone says something in the UK but if you are a person who notices people's attitudes then you will know what I am talking about. The way that someone says something to you (even if it is a technical truth) can be worse than foul language. In fact, foul language is not really foul if the person speaking means no harm but some people don't understand that. Eddie Murphy understands this and probably most of his fans do too. If you have never seen "Coming to America" then you have missed something. Here is a clip for those who missed it. Go and buy the movie and have fun.


It does not really matter what regulation changed. What matters is that I was forced to pack my bags again and then get to the back of the queue.

What is the point in all of this? Well, I think that if you are going to pack bags and go to a check in counter at Heathrow Airport you should do some investigation if you don't want to waste a few hours of your life. Probably a good way to find out the latest is to search for opinion polls like  I HATE HEATHROW AIRPORT or Blogs about British Airways etc or maybe simply ask someone in the Carry-On Bag business who you can find on Twitter.