It would be a shame for me having written about the best serviced apartments and also the cheapest hotels in the world, to forget writing about the best hotels. Of course anyone attempting to do this will be rating from a subjective perspective. This is because it depends who is rating and which part of the world they are from. If you are from the United States you will have your own ideas about "what is best?" What hotels do Americans consider to be best? What about the best of normal hotels? What do you feel about them? Watch the video and see what I personally feel and ask yourself if you identify with me?


Since the United States is so absolutely huge, it would be impossible for me to give any sort of objective answer because I do not have access to all the information from an unbiased point of view. What I do have is access to Youtube which is owned by an American Company. OK- I did a search today on Youtube for "best hotels in the world" and the first result was a Hotel in Istanbul Turkey called  Ciragan Palace. Lets take a look then at this Turkish Hotel and find out why it comes first in the search for the most popular hotel I found on internet video search.


Apparently the best hotels could never be in the United States because the location is wrong. Yes! The hotel must be situated in one of the most unique places in the world. The world has east and west and someone has said that never the twain shall meet but could it be possible that this could not possibly be true of Turkey since it is kind of belongs to both Asia and the West but in a sense it does not. Since we are now focusing on Turkey we should mention the 34 Magazine that the commentator talks about in the video. I had a problem trying to find this (May 10th 2011) and the answers I got were not relevant. I tried the name 34 Magazine dot com as well but found that the domain was for sale. Despite this, I decided to continue watching the video to understand why these hotels were chosen as the number one places in the world. Another reason is historical since Turkish history goes back way before most other countries. You really need to watch the multimedia presentation to get into the mood and be captivated by the mystical music.  When I was first introduced to the Sultan's Suite which was formerly a Palace in the Ottoman Empire I was excited and wanted to find a website with some updated pictures i.e. an official website of the Palace Hotel but I could not find it. Instead I found a whole bunch of advertising for other hotels. If anyone knows where official the official website is for the Sultan's Palace Hotel in Instanbul they are welcome to send me this information using my Submit Info Page. It looks like the hotel might belong to the Kempinski Group but I would like to be sure. I normally don't like to spoil the video by giving too much information about the hotel since you will probably enjoy watching it yourself. 

Some people are talking about a 10 Star Hotel to originally be built in Dubai but plans were made to relocate it to Lebanon. I do not believe this hotel has been built yet so it is best to move on to what actually exists. OK - this is what was next in line.


The next one is more general information and a multimedia presentation as well as an introduction to Utell. The video is interesting because it gives some history on online booking for hotels and information on the incredible growth of a particular world travel and distribution service company.

Hotel Guests can choose from Spa Retreats , chic and sophisticated boutique hotels, luxury resorts, golf properties and business oriented options. There is also the ability to search for Airport Hotels which can normally be found within a 10K radius from the Airports themselves.

There are also alternatives for those who want to drop everything and go somewhere in a hurry.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this unique content on the best hotels according to current search ranking.