I would like to personally welcome people who come to the Bid Directory which is a place to find bid auction sites that give people the chance to buy or sell items. If you find anyone of them not keeping to their promises then please send us details regarding false advertising using the Submit Info Page and we will see whether or not it is true. This is part of a growing list. Please also contact us if you feel you want to be on this list. Please understand the rules by watching the Whois Bid Video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


BID OR BUY  Auction at cheap prices for automobiles, jewels, diamonds, computers and computer products, digital cameras. Bid, buy or Sell and more...

UBID.COM Online Auctions and a place where folk can purchase excess inventory. Popular Brands of items including Camcorders, Cell Phones, Coins, Earrings, Digital DVD Players and more..

BID SERVICE LLC  This website specializes in semiconductor equipment that has been reconditioned and also has scientific instruments/equipment for purchase online and more...

WEBSITE TO SELL A specialist website helping people to buy and sell domains and websites online through bidding. Also has tutorials discussing evaluation methods and more...

WEBIDZ AUCTIONS  An auction site where you can buy and sell all manner of items and more...

BIDSELL An Australian Auction site but also participates  internationally

Please go these sites for Bid and Auction Resources if you want to be more technical in an auction or internet bid.

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Penny Auction

Ask Price

If your interest is in Real Estate and Property you might want to know about new ways to buy and sell on the Internet.

Please note that the bidding information is being continually updated and improved and if you wondered what this site really is focusing on it might occur to you that everything is becoming a bid, so we should spend some time looking at what we own what value we should be getting for it or even how to increase the value over time. Take a look at the title of the whois bid site and you will understand. I hope this site will be the beginning of a new experience on the net for you.


If you have managed to get this far then I want to tell you something about the owner of this site. One of the reasons why this site was created was because of an experience in an online auction. Even though the auction had Escrow and I paid money for the items it was a sad story. This is because I never received the goods and services. You see, the seller backed out. Since then I have not wanted to visit that particular site because it should not be allowed.

If we are in business to sell, then we set our price or we put our property or goods up for sale in an auction. It is not correct for people to be allowed to sell items and then back out at the last minute. As time goes by I will be listening to people who send me data regarding their experiences with bid and auction sites. I will happily begin to build the directory around the positive response I receive

I am sure that people will respond because bidding sites need all the advertising that they can get and they know this.

Look forward to hearing from you all. Here is the contact page