The title of this domain name is a question that asks who is bid? Bid is the name of an Avatar that I have chosen for this site. I believe that I have chosen a good name because it was available to be registered and kept in tact on many of the current vehicles that people use today to expand their presence on the net. The video explains this really well because the character "Bid" can now be found in many places e.g. Bid on iPhone, Bid on iPad, Bid on Android, Bid on Tablet PC and even Bid on Godaddy. On this video I also show some third party program called Alexa where you can also view Bid's results as they pertain to the total number of users in the United States and some other places. I hope you enjoy the video and think about the advantages of choosing a unique name that can be used across a selection of media using different technology. Some of the most popular channels people use are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and so I have also shown Bid on Facebook, Bid on Twitter and Bid on Youtube. Also displayed are the results of typing in whois bid on Google using an iPhone.


If you don't know what an Avatar is then I highly recommend that you go and watch the movie Avatar. The video below is a taste of what it is about but you will have to go and see it yourself to understand it.


There are certain people in social media circles that don't like Avatars in the true sense. You see it is Gamers who really understand the power of the Avatar more than anyone else. If you are a gamer or an ex-gamer like me I don't need to explain it to you. In the world we live in people can be judged by first impression or outward appearance and when this happens they might not have a chance to show what they can do and who they really are. Some people find online games a way or a channel to express themselves to others over a period of time. Sometimes this can help people as long as they manage to leave the game eventually and play something else, maybe even real like real life. LOL! Well, I am now an ex-gamer and don't feel uncomfortable in the presence of gamers because I understand it and believe that you will get what you want from the game and might even make some real friends who may even meet you in real life one day. If you are one of them you are welcome to post and tell us about what is the latest and greatest! You will have to find the submit page on here to do that.

If you are interested in what is going on regarding the Bid for technology and want to be updated by an avid Youtube guy then you should check out the guy below. He really seems to know what he is talking about. You can see that people are aware of the success of Android which is owned by Google. One of the previous videos shows the Avatar called Bid on Android but if that is not what you were looking for you can listen to someone who knows more about this topic as it relates to the Android operating system which has a large portion of the US market and seems to be growing rapidly. There is a world of all things mobile and network and if you are interested in networking with people who are into that then here is another great resource. This guy really knows about mobile technology, networks, protocols and land based systems. He blew my mind on his comment regarding Nortel and embedded systems and I think he deserves to be on this page.


The web is supposed to be a place where we link out to people who possess skills and information that we don't have ourselves. If you are new to this site and you have an information portal about a particular subject you should not be worrying about linking to info that helps amplify your own information. You are also welcome to submit info to this site but it must be unique. This site does not practice copying from others.