I am someone who gets excited about creating something out of nothing. Even starting again can be fun, but hopefully not too often. Sometimes when you build something and it becomes successful, you might find that there are individuals who want to steal what you have created.

This is something very common on the internet. What percentage of the internet is simply people copying something else I do not know. I believe however it is going to be a very large percentage.  If you don't know what I mean, spend some time using copied image search 

                                   CONTINUAL CONTENT

Some people want to spend all their time complaining about others who have copied their material but for most people it is currently going to get them nowhere. If major corporations cannot stop people copying music and movies, what makes you think that individuals are going to be able to stop everyone who copies them? You might disagree and tell me that there are ways and means of doing this, but I would like people to consider how much time and money you are going to waste chasing after someone who has copied something that might be worth only a few thousand dollars.

Ask yourself the question "Is it worth it?" If the answer is "Yes!" then good luck to you! Maybe the reason you are doing it is not for money but more for justice sake? If you believe that you will never be able to stop people stealing from you, then you might want to think about how you can continue to remain unique. The only way is to continually develop, is it not? Do you know the feeling of having to start from nothing again? Do you know the feeling of misfortune? Well, if you are always looking at your website in relation to it's rank for a particular number of keywords, you are going to fall flat on your face when there is a change in an algorithm or a new player has come into the game. Then you can end up spending enormous amounts of time trying to do something to regain your search engine ranking for those particular keywords. 

               multiple multiple keyword strings

                         Larger websites have more keywords

                                    POWERFUL WEBSITES 

I have worked on a website that was ranked number #1 for certain highly visible keywords for many years. This brought a ton of money to certain people.  There was no way that other SEO bunch could do anything to stop it from having those positions. They tried for ages but failed. You might understand what I am talking about if you have experienced this in the past. One day, something happened (a change in algorithm) and overnight those keywords were no longer number #1. However, over the years, the site had become so full and rich with resources that it maintained its traffic level and by no means lost it's power. The site is still powerful today and all the owners need to do is to keep updating it with unique content. It has become a huge website and a force to be reckoned with. There is no way that some 50-300 dollar package is going to help a competitor website get the sort of attention it is now receiving. Something else that I discovered also was that larger sites have more keywords. If you are not in the business of scraping websites and are able to provide continually unique content to your website then surely search engines will recognize this after an amount of time and you will be rewarded. If you also learn some basic SEO requirements you will be able to make your work go even further and probably in a much shorter period of time.