Do you believe me that it is uncommon in the part of the world that I live in to use the term "Carry on Bag" or even carry on luggage except when I go to an airport but even then, the word "carry on" will not pass through my lips. Having said that- I do believe that the term is probably very common in the United States and people are also familiar with carry on luggage. To teach people to carry a bag is actually quite silly because everyone should know how to carry their own bag. I feel it is not important to discuss those things in too much detail but some people with more detailed information on bag carrying will elaborate further by writing articles about the history of the carry bag and how to pack a carry bag. What most people probably want to know is carry on bag policy for the US, UK , Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Africa. I have only given a link to the US policies because there are already many sites giving detailed information on allowances and what is prohibited.

We can also find resources on media resources on how to pack a carry on bag for the United States. One of the things that seems to be important about the bag design is the ability to squash it. Maybe the answer for international travelers who don't want to find themselves being restricted in any way due to some local policy they were unaware of is to use expandable, retractable, flexible bags that can easily change dimensions if you squash them. The good salesman in the next video knows exactly what I mean. 


Maybe one of the more interesting subjects is how to pack a carry on bag so that you won't have problems taking it onboard a plane. 

                carry on bag

       The image links to info on a unique Carry on Bag from the UK.

Despite this, there seem to be millions of women who want to learn how to  pack carry on bags and suitcases. The evidence is clear in from instructional bag packing videos (some with over 100,000 people viewing it) The conclusion is that it is mostly likely millions of people need this kind of information. 

I thought it might be a good idea to include a particular resource for women who do not know how to pack bags. The whoisbid site is an incredibly useful website for international travellers and businessmen and we are happy to embed popular training modules from other sources. Please remember to bookmark this page and come back for updates in a few months. I might be possible that we even produce a series of  videos on how to pack bags because it seems to be a subject of great interest from the amount of response we see on the internet.