Who wants "pointy cat-like nails?" Maybe YOU do! If that is true, then you have come to the right place because there are people who love making cat nails and teaching others who to do just exactly that! Who are the people who inspire us the most in this project? Hmm.. Maybe Fergie, Katty Perry, Rihanna and lets not forget Lady Gaga! I think this video from AlexandraClaireHair is just perfect. Watch it with me!


You have the option of getting some long and strong pre-made French Tip fake nails but some people want alternatives to acrylic. What can we do? Places like Walmart now sell boxes full of fake nails and they will probably cost less than ten dollars. Making stunning fake nails won't break your purse, so don't worry too much. You can also normally get the glue you need and this woman is showing us the Kiss Brand! If you don't have the fake nail in exactly the right shape you can also file them down into any design you like. Really, it is not that difficult these days and tons of women are finding this out by themselves. You will probably have some fun selecting the fake nails from the box which match your own nail dimensions and it won't hurt to turn on some music while you do this. Doing our nails should be fun and no-one can stop us really! Don't forget to watch for what she says about the Sally Hansen Nail Polish. I don't want to ruin the video so you really need to watch it yourself!

Hey! You've got to see the next one! They look like an awesome Nail Art Designs. Have you ever thought about Alien Cat Nails? Woohoo! Lets get into something different for a change! Who will notice you if you have these designs? I probably would if I was out to lunch or dinner with you. I would be wondering about your personality! Robin Moses Nail Art can help us get it just right! Take a look!

This one had something different because she writes "fierce" on her nails. Yes! We can write on our nails too but we need to take some time to learn the brush strokes don't we? Some people just seem to be able to do this so naturally and you can see talent in the nail art video above. Don't let the fact that others are great right now stop you because we all had to start somewhere, didn't we?

This woman is not just teaching us Nail Art.. no, she is teaching some basic art skills too. Some people have this as a natural ability but others can learn techniques too. When it comes to nails we must remember that the surface area of a nail is quite small so we are actually practicing precision brush strokes.

Since we are talking about cats, why not briefly spend some time looking at other animals like Tigers. Yeh! What about Tiger Nails? Well.. they are cool aren't they? I also think that Zebra Nails are cool as well.

I don't want to spoil your learning because visual learning seems to be much more powerful than text, so here is something unique which is called the Rainbow Zebra Tiger Nail Art Tutorial .. Woohoo!