Want to find out if an image is copied from the internet? I am not talking about using Stock Photography or where to find Royalty free Image Websites that will let you use their images forever for a small fee. No! I am talking about finding ways to see how is copying your website pictures and images. The question and answers on image copy detection go deeper than this. People are always search for a free picture to be copied or whether it is ok to copy certain pictures. What is now the importance of images and copying others? Watch the video because it contains something that this page does not.


What is Tineye? Go and have a look yourself! It is one of several reverse image technologies which are able to see if you have copied images. Why is it important for you to know about programs like this?

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                    The power of the original person and picture! 

Well, you don't want to be accused of having a website that is simply a glorified photocopy machine, do you? Do a search for "copied images" on  your favourite search engine. Can you easily find this page or has it changed? How valuable is a site that has not copied text, images, music or video to an SE? 

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Are not SEARCH ENGINES always going on about UNIQUE CONTENT and do you   imagine that unique content only involves text? Think carefully because it also involves IMAGES and IMAGE SEARCH ENGINES who never the attention they deserve from supposed SEO firms. This page is intentionally made to be a bit weird because the aim is to help someone get back on track by listening to whoisbid and taking the best advice for your site and I am not even charging you. I believe that what I am saying is true and even if it isn't, you will be proud one day that no-one will ever be able to accuse you of plagiarism or being just like a photocopy machine scraping material from the web that does not really belong to you. Don't you know that you need to be like the person in the video below who listens to every word that comes out from the search engine mouth?


The other day I was having a conversation with a man who built websites selling his products through the internet . Like many others, he was proud that he was able to explain how he managed to FOOL THE SEARCH ENGINES when it came to the images that he used on his own websites. He told me that he only copies a "portion" of the image and not the whole image itself, so that it can be detected as a unique image. Ha! There is where many of us are completely wrong. Those involved in programming for cameras and other image type software will understand why. It is not necessary to go into the details but to know that IMAGE SEARCH is a valuable business that people are taking for granted. What about the billions of dollars that companies have poured into image search engine research. Are the big companies that have invested this money failed to find ways to protect the value of an image? Think again! Think about where this is going to eventually lead as well.


Coming back to the man who copied images there are millions of people who are currently guilty of the same thing. If you have come to this page our intention is not to police your activities but to convince you that it is time to turn away from the lazy and non unique attitude of COPY AND PASTE if you are CLAIMING TO BE AN SEO or even a half decent webmaster.   Its so easy to COPY AND PASTE and get credit for something that never originated from you. The same applies to text, music and video and oh, ideas too! Why on earth do we still have something called PATENT APPLICATION in the United States? 

                         IS IT POSSIBLE TO REGULATE STEALING?

Oh, what a deep question that could spawn a new website!  Lets just consider patents (which is also another topic for discussion) however, many who personally own a patent will know that it is not even worth the paper it is written on  if the idea currently does not work.  My guess is that most corporations will not be bothered about a few people here and there copying images or even ideas but they MIGHT WANT TO COME AFTER YOU if you end up making a lot of money. 

So, if your intention is to make some serious money from what you show on the web it is time to change direction and follow a new principle of delivering unique image content. Doing this might also help you to sleep better at night knowing that no-one can ever come after you accusing you of copying them. Whether this is going to get you highly ranked on search engines is another question but most definitely it is not going to harm you. 

                                  DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT!

 If you don't believe it, simply go and visit the Tineye website yourself and search the website urls that you are worried about. Well, you are probably going to be amazed that this image search engine knows where you originally got those images from. There are currently millions of websites that have copied and pasted images and text from others and don't think for a moment that major search engines don't know about it. The internet is currently plagued with websites containing content that belongs to others and to add to the problem most of these website are using other people's content for monetization purposes and many are getting away with it. Yes! People make money from PPC adverts by simply copy something from someone else. I am not tackling this issue from a moral standpoint and I personally believe that the world is everyone's oyster but not everyone agrees with John Lennon's hit song IMAGINE and so we have to face reality and if you are in the web business SEARCH ENGINES are a reality to you. This website is designed to help those who want to find out if an image is copied from the internet. You need to know something else in the next paragraph too.

                            DIDN'T FIND YOUR COPIED IMAGE?

Don't be so naive!  (IF YOU DO NOT SEE A COPIED IMAGE OR PART OF A COPIED IMAGE IN TINEYE BEING DETECTED- IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE SEARCH ENGINE GIANT HAS NOT DETECTED IT ) - We might write more about this on another day but for now lets say we ourselves don't copy anything from anyone on this website. Maybe some will scoff and say what a terrible website design it is but we can be proud that we are an ORIGINAL WEBSITE 

By the way. Have you ever taken a look at a search engine that stores your Image Favicons? It is such a great idea! Take a look!



THE BEST POLICY IS TO USE YOUR OWN IMAGES. This is going to be hard for many people who have got into the habit of copy and paste or relying on ROYALTY FREE IMAGES that are being sold to the masses. Am I having a go at people making money from taking photographs and selling them? No! Not at all. Some people don't worry about unique content and royalty free images serve that purpose, don't they? If you can prove otherwise and have another viewpoint you can always write to us. To find out email address you can perform a WHOIS LOOKUP


         Fig 3.0 Unique Image capture Apple Mac using Photobooth


Original images are important to us because they represent unique content. How else are these search engines going to discover whether something is unique? Well, they have to spider the text and the images and look for patterns and compare them with previous archived data. Although this is currently not the talk of the town in SEO circles it is most likely going to loom its head again and again in the near future. Just take a look at all the adverts you see teaching the next generation that it is wrong to copy movies and DVD's or media campaigns dealing with subjects like PROTECT ARTISTS etc.




People who value the cost and time that it takes to photograph or draw an image understand the value of royalty and if you are one of those people you are probably using images that you have paid for that are royalty free. WHOIS BID would like to thank those people who made those websites because you have saved many people a a lot of time.  However, is it possible that there could be a disadvantage to your website ranking if you have used many of these images when it comes to the subject of UNIQUE CONTENT?  This is because search engines have already  spidered the same image bought and uploaded by a previous user.  If you are concerned about this you probably need to use a website that offers royalty free images that are fresh i.e. you are the first person to buy and use that image. Of course it should cost more and if there are websites out there specializing in this we would like you to contact us so that we can help you by placing a useful link to your website. Royalty free image websites need to have more sections where users can buy an image that has never been uploaded to the internet. I am sure that your client base will increase with this kind of option. I am sure there are royalty free websites providing  this kind of option but I have found it difficult to locate them. If you were able to look past thinking that design is the only important factor and you think that I am saying something useful, then find out where my royalty free images page is on this site and leave a comment or just enjoy the following a picture that you have never seen before.

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If you think that I am against Stock Imagery- then think again. Here is a good guy I know who is very helpful and can tell you how tough it is to survive in the stock photo business.