If you are doing a search for a cheap hotel do you know that there are plenty of people who are working against you to make sure that you don't find a cheap hotel. Yes! They want you to find their hotel booking portal but when you finally use it you will find that there are no cheap hotels on their website. Where are you going to find the cheapest hotel? You probably are not likely to find it by doing a search for "cheaper hotels"

If you want to avoid being caught in a trap which was probably designed by either a UK SEO, USA SEO , INDIAN SEO or possibly even a CHINA SEO you need to stop looking for cheap hotels on search engines. You can try and be more specific and search for the hotels that are cheaper than the cheapest, cheap hotel or simply type in "find me the worst hotel" and you might get lucky because you finally found the keyword that is going to save you a lot of money. If you want see what these worst hotels have on offer you can take a peek at the responses we are getting from users who have decided to educate us using the power of social networks. Here is someone who is going to give you all the insights you will ever need into the world of the worst hotel. He is our hotel cctv camera except he is human. Nothing is being hidden from us because he is not using a glossy hotel brochure meant to deceive us in regards to the quality that we could expect. No! We are being given detailed information on the bed, bedroom and how the cheapest hotels still have internet connections which enable us to either blog, tweet or even make a Youtube video entitled "The worst hotel in the World" so folks don't be shy and take a look at one man's revelation.


So, how did someone who was searching for a reasonable hotel actually end up in a short time motel in China? Well, it was probably because someone had not taken the advice of wise Irish men called Paddy who know the power of the fork, spoon and plate in the hands of a "search engine optimizer" also know as the "seo"

If you feel like the guy who is describing the finer details of his bedroom in the worst hotel of his life, then you might want to do some investigation and find out who is blame. Yes! The Irish know who did it! Listen to their advice in the next video and be sure that you don't fall into this trap again because now you know what is really going on.


Coming back to reality we need to know what choices we have if we have decided to go on an overseas trip to lets say China, UK, USA, Germany, France or South America? Well, instead of looking for the best cheapest hotel we can also do a search for serviced apartments  and find out if they can do any better than the hotel industry can. You can also try budget hotels, motels, hostels or simply cry and feel completely lost over the fact that you cannot find something cheaper. 

OK- some of you who came here recently saw a big empty space on this page.  The space was actually an implementation of a discussion program/ blog application which was easy to install on my site. I have now removed the wretched item and am writing to tell you that having these blog applications on our site is going to devalue your site's worth. This is because some nasty seo groups got together and decided to make some so called 'free blog applications" for website owners but little the website owners know that they were going to be exploited to the hilt! Yes! 

I am not even going to bother to explain how these people exploit you. If you don't respect me believe me that you need to get that awful blog software out of your site and  put it in the internet trash can then that is your problem and not mine.  Just trust me and you will see in about a months time that your website traffic might improve. To find out why you are going to suffer from the blog software you would need to spend more time searching through this site to find certain bits of information and spend time putting it together. I am sick to death of people who don't believe me on this one. As for the blank space it is now being filled by a relevant video on the cheapest hotels.