Would the internet landscape and the major players be different if China fully embraced  汉语拼音 / 漢語拼音 ? It is certainly an interesting thought isn't it? Maybe you don't care about things like that but it does have some bearing on what is currently going on. How many native english speaking people ever bother to take a look at  websites designed using chinese characters? My guess is that it is something that more people are being concerned about and maybe you should think about investigating BAIDU which in 2011 is the number #1 search engine in China. Don't you think that this is enough justification for you to now try Realtime Search to find out what is going on right now?  If you have taken this first paragraph seriously then maybe you will believe in something called "Earning the Right" which is basic training for a good salesman who is probably someone you will need in China if you plan to do anything serious. Who is going to be able to help you on your chinese website?  Even a powerful Indian SEO cannot help you on this one. That is because all the players and all the rules are very different. You want to be able to converse with this SEO in English, don't you? You expect he will be able to fully comprehend your products and services. In that case, you will need a Bi-Lingual SEO. By the way, if you are interested in knowing about previous triple digit monster earnings of Baidu in a sales graph then Mark is your guy so Baidu is a force to be reckoned with because sales increased and stocks were driven higher.


If it's China we are concerned about then we should know that we need a China SEO who will build our site in simplified chinese. Businessmen who have rejected the possibilities of doing something in China are probably not going to research even the basics of Chinese SEO. That may be really sad for some companies that have not even tried and don't want to try. These men will be happy conducting their business elsewhere and the closest they will get to Chinese business will probably be a chinese fan. I also have one of these. Did you see it? I am actually hoping someone who can do the things that are mentioned above might become my fan too and drop me a line using Disqus.

Something else for those of you Traders who know how to read activity in table or graphical format please take a look at Baidu Spidering Activity which totally eclipses Google in this following media presentation example. I have complained about Google not spidering this site enough on occasion but the other site that is Baidu friendly had to increase it's bandwidth usage to keep up with the constant Baidu spidering.  Baidu is an incredibly great force to be reckoned with and we don't think they are going to back down at all. If they seriously enter the English speaking arena then get ready for some dancing. As far as media is concerned, some of us know that Baidu believes in the power of music and entertainment and is an excellent provider of all types of services to the chinese community.



Considering how large the population of China is and the fact it is a super power with enormous growth potential, don't you think we ought to be seeing far more SEO services available to english speaking countries who want to try and get a part of the action? 

The Chinese SEO will probably know Baidu in the same way that english people know about Google. He will be able to tell you whether Baidu is still ignoring no follow link attributes or how important backlinks are to the Chinese. Of course he should be a person that already has a successful track record and an ability to tell you what needs to be done and just how long he thinks it will take. Contacts are really important aren't they? How important is access to lots of people on Twitter who might be able to help you?