My website statistics show me that people are asking questions like the one above but there is nothing on this site that really deals with the question. Since I have mentioned that the best salesmen should always make sure that they pick up the phone it would be right for me to write a response to those people who in a sense are calling this site. They are not calling by cellphone but their questions pop up in my stats page.

Of course I am going to answer the question from a unique perspective. These days we are being forced to create unique content websites if you know anything about the Google Panda Update which I wrote about long before it happened. Since the update I am not sure whether or not this site's visitors have increased because it is too difficult to tell. In order to know these things, we will need much larger websites to see significant changes. I do own some directories and noticed that they were hit pretty badly, even though they contain more content than your average site but that is not relevant to this.

The question about choosing a domain name mainly has to do with trying to get more visibility on the web. If we are being told that buying domain names with keywords with the domain name similar to the type of products and services we are selling is of no value, then the discussion on this SEO tactic has just ended. I personally think there is merit in using this technique because when I personally do searches for certain products and services in google I often find that those sites with generic domain names (especially dotcom) usually come high up in the results pages. OK, this could change and maybe it won't but this video was made to disregard that i.e. whatever happens  will not matter because the recommendation is to choose a name that is unique- sort of like a branding exercise. Please support my Youtube channel and watch the video. LOL!


If you never forget whoisbid, then I have succeeded haven't I? Maybe you will remember this site as something imperfect but yet interesting. I am not using any special programs to make this site. I bought this domain name for a few dollars and it was worth nothing about 6 months ago. Obviously this site now has value . If you want to use third party programs to see what others are saying about the value of this site or even your own site then I have created the next video just for you. Visit that site and bookmark it for another day. Go back to the site in a few weeks after you have been updating your site and see if it's value increased. Everyone needs some form of encouragement and if you are not getting it from humans, then the next best thing is robots.. LOL!



If you watch these videos, then my page probably becomes more valuable because spending more time on a page could lead search engines to think that the site and the subject it is talking about is interesting to the readers i.e. the site owner has managed to engage them. There is of course a lot of other factors which we could discuss and spend the rest of our lives blogging about and if you do actually decide to blog about it, then make sure that some of the blogs you participate in are actually giving you credit for your contributions. Some of you already know that certain blogs are a waste of time.

It should be obvious to us that when we ask the question about how to choose a domain name that we cannot always separate the domain name from the website. You see, it depends what is going to be seen on that domain and how much effort we are willing to put into it. The question is tackled from a long term perspective because in this day and age with so much competition on the net we will have to come up with the best ways to spend our time. We need to find things to do for our domain and website that are profitable. If we know that Force= Mass X Acceleration we should think about the object (the mass) that we are using. If it is just a bubble and does not have any value, then we should abandon it. I am always looking at different social networks and blogs and if I see that there is no reward for my contributions that are channeled in some way to my own site then I should consider them to be a waste of time, no matter how powerful a domain name they have. Maybe we need to sit down, listen to some music and get out a notepad and place it on our Laptop Bag.

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