I have already written about DMOZ but since so many of my readers have been interested in that page I thought it might be appropriate to write about the Open Directory Project called DMOZ from another angle. Some of you want to know whether or not trying to get a DMOZ listing is impossible. Well, in this case it has been more than 5 months and I don't believe I have done anything wrong  but I do not have a DMOZ listing. Do I want a DMOZ listing? The answer is yes! This is because I believe it is still extremely valuable. If this were not true, then why would there be so many companies and individuals offering DMOZ submission and listing services? The following video is an example of such a service.


Maybe there is some magic formal for DMOZ listing and if there is I certainly do not know it. My guess is this site is probably not important enough for a listing but if you have a professional website that is well designed and full of information about goods and services that you sell it is probably going to be important for you. Listen to the video carefully because he says something that is very interesting. He mentions that many of the search engines we know depend on their DMOZ listings. 

If you have given up on DMOZ you might find that submitting to quality directories might be advantageous to you. Some of these directories ask for a  fee and I don't believe that is entirely wrong, especially if they have spent months and even years putting it together, editing it and trying to make it into a decent resource. A trusted directory with a high page rank that has a section  targeting your niche area might make a huge different to your visibility. Make sure that they give you a true hyperlink, especially if you have paid some decent amount of money for it. I personally do not see any difference between paid advertising and buying true hyperlinks. The object of advertising is to give a company some sort of advantage and if it is disadvantaged but has a ton of cash, then it can catch up by paying for the advantage offered. Right now most people have given up on seo techniques for business and have resorted to pay per click campaigns. This is entirely understandable since they probably need to spend time designing, selling and servicing their products. 

What about those who don't have money to do this? Well, they probably need to find other ways to get ahead and if they don't have deep pockets they will probably need to work 10 times harder than anyone else.


I started off talking to my readers about DMOZ and have somehow started getting involved in other discussions but I do not believe that being sidetracked like this is irrelevant. Why would you be search for ways to get listed in DMOZ in the first place? It is probably because you would like to increase your website's popularity.

There are other ways to get more visibility but it might require 10X or maybe even 100X more effort than others are putting into it. The principle behind this is the theory that if you keep talking and don't stop you might find that someone will listen to you eventually and if they find something useful in what you have said, then they might remember you and come back to your site once in a while to see how you are doing. I want to share a site that I have never forgotten. It is kind of strange because after checking it's current stats I see that it is no longer as active as it once was. If you happen to be the owner of search engine garage I would like to tell you that many years ago I used your website frequently to do research. I am a fan of that site, even if it needs serious repair and updating. I am just using your site as an example to tell everyone that people do remember certain sites. It's not necessarily because they are the best sites but there is a chance that something on someone's site really helped in a time of need. The site is valuable to certain people who remember what kind of help they once received by visiting it. Someone thanked me the other day for my information on a plugin that finds dofollow links and I don't expect that guy will ever forget this site and once in a while they might check back and see how the site is doing. It could even be years before this happens but it "does" happen! This page might seem so irrelevant to you but maybe you also need to come back.. LOL! Why don't you listen to some old music "Baby Come Back!" and remember the good times in your life and put a smile on your face and hope things will get better again. Maybe you don't know how this will happen but you believe it is possible! 


It would be great to see that site experience  a comeback. It would also be great if we saw DMOZ come back in a really serious way to the point where more people would be aware of who and what the Open Directory Project is.