Recently there was a response to the information given on compression fittings and especially stainless steel compression fittings. People are searching and trying to find brands of compression fittings probably because they need to know about as many suppliers as possible. Probably the people selling compression fittings are also selling valves i.e. valve manufacturers and suppliers. This seems to be a specialized business and you can see from the following media presentation that it could be interesting to be in the valves and fittings business, especially if you have expertise like the guy presenting the speciality valve.


If you are working in a purchasing department for an oil and gas exploration company, gas separation plant, refinery, petrochemical plant, semiconductor manufacturing facility, power plant or anywhere that is purchasing large volumes of material for piping and tubing and you are given the task of evaluating all the companies who offer these kinds of products, you might welcome some assistance from someone who has experience with technical engineering 



These days it has become important for those who sell these products to use e-commerce sites as opposed to having direct contact with manufacturers and clients. One of the reasons is probably because of the power of the internet. Before the internet began, the companies producing stainless steel and brass fittings would most likely rely on professional salesmen and detailed printed catalogues to sell industrial products such as pressure fittings and pressure gauges, valves, filters, strainers, pipe, tubing, regulators, transmitters and the likes. I am using the stainless steel compression fitting as an example, so please do not imagine I am singling out an industry. Things have changed and some international companies have become more dependent on the internet as a first means of increasing quarterly or annual revenue. People have been driven to extreme lengths to make it possible for them to be do what they feel is needed. This means that companies have to create hundreds of different sites on various IP addresses spanning the globe and some of the hot locations might be the USA, Germany, UK and China to begin with but world domination is the plan. In order to achieve this, they will turn to purchasing houses with great internet power who might be selling the same product under a different name so it may be impossible to tell who is actually producing products unless you conduct an investigation. If you are extremely busy and are happy with your current supplier and have not had any problems with them, then maybe there is no need to do this kind of investigation. How this is relevant to one of the themes in whoisbid is that don't be surprised when you have ten vendors all selling similar products but your investigation leads to find that they are all from the same source.

                                          THE REAL THING

For example, if someone is claiming that their products are made in the USA, then they should have evidence that their foundry and their CNC, milling and other types of machining is also done in the USA. However, this is no longer the case, so the question someone asked me is extremely difficult to answer. Where something is made and which brand is the best is no longer applicable in many cases. If you are about to procure several million dollars of these items and you are unsure of who to purchase from there is something that you can do and this is being done by several companies and that is to buy from people who you trust, no matter where they are producing the items. Normally these companies will have proven themselves by the fact that they have been around for a reasonable period of time (at least a few years) because you don't want to end up buying a ton of stainless steel or brass compression fittings only to find out that they are poorly manufactured and eventually damage your reputation as a buyer.

                           THE PRICE OF COMPRESSION FITTINGS

I don't know about you but when it comes to price I will never look for the cheapest. I will want to buy fittings from a company that is established, has a good reputation, has been around for a few years and is reasonable on deliveries. If you don't know where to find these companies you can alway visit their factories to see whether or not 1) They actually exist 2) They have invested in machinery 3) They have invested in qualified people etc..

                             TYPES OF COMPRESSION FITTINGS

By the way, just so that we are on the same page I need to point out that apart from the plumbing applications there are also different types of compression fittings that certain people might not be aware of.  The first is known to the electrical engineer and is very commonly used to join conduit tubes and common material construction of the fittings is PolyVinylChoride (PVC) and Copper or Copper Alloy e.g Brass.

Instrumentation and mechanical engineers involved in industrial plant work are more familiar with another type made in stainless 304 or 316. The types of stainless steel compression fittings in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power plant and pharmaceutical are more commonly known now as flare fittings and British Standard Type 'A.' Since we have not yet had any response from the fitting manufacturers and only end users concerned about which brands they should use, we would be happy to continue to give better detailed explanations to those who have contacted us.