OK - This is actually the end of this page because it is being updated. I wrote about these things before the Panda Update really came into full force. To be honest I believe that only a small percentage of people who use the net will even care about it. This small group of people are probably those who have worked hard to make a living from the internet and Google factors into that since they have almost 100% dominance right now in any important search for English speaking users. I spoke about justice further down the page but I am wondering if it is really is justice. I don't have a method for you to even answer  that question for me because I recently disabled it. Yes! I now believe that social plugins on websites could be having a negative overall effect for particular users. Of course I will have to do a lot of experimentation to come to  be able to conclude anything that might represent realities so for now it is merely my own speculation. What does the average British citizen think about the Google Panda update? I leave that for you to conclude.


After even further consideration I am wondering whether or not this is even an issue at all. Is it possible that a need for a change in Google is not something that most people are even interested in or even know about? These videos really do give us an insight into the fact that whatever Google does, it is only going to be a microscopic percent of the population who know about it or even have an opinion. 


If you are religious you might know the saying "Vengeance is Mine saith the LORD" but reading the texts contained in the Torah and other prophetic writings you will see that this vengeance is normally carried out by powerful emperors, kings and armies. Vengeance is not revenge. Vengeance is justice! We know that Google has the power to enact justice on the web in 2011 and those of us who have worked hard to produce our own material want blood! Yes! Bring it on O Google! Some of us are ready for you! We want justice and we want it to be brought swiftly! (this is now being updated- Oh! I think I spoke too soon!)

            google war
                         Are you provoking Google to War?


If you don't know what scraper ratio is you can perform a google search to find out what it is. Content farms are basically websites that have taken content from other sites to use as their own. The easiest way to do this is by using auto content generators. Some say it is not fair that websites doing this for so long have managed to get high positions in search engines and I believe that this move in 2011 is going to be remembered as a time of Google decided to take some action. 

              webmaster confession
              Is it the time for the reluctant webmaster to confess? 


There is an easy way to find out yourself whether or not a webmaster has been using his own material. Instead of doing searches for one or two keywords, you can simply copy and paste a whole paragraph from something you read on a website into the Google search bar and after that take a look at how many sites are using similar types of paragraphs. It might take you several hours to investigate a website because the cleverer ones have changed some words using a more advanced scraper. If we can find these sites then Google can find them too and surely their spiders and bots have been trained to look for such similar content or should I say copied content. Its up to them how much pressure they want to put on any of us to refrain from copying others isn't it? I believe that they have been pretty forgiving of many on the web for a long time but now my guess is that webmasters have had ample time to get the message. Yes! It's not just copied text that you should worry about but also copied images. Many Youtube users have already experienced the response to copied music and should understand that Youtube is also a search engine and I guess it is owned by Google. If the Youtube search engine is already that advanced, then so is Google search in general.

               asian webmasters
              Asian Webmasters will have to suffer the consequences


Something or someone who is extremely powerful does not always need to flex their muscles in public but I believe  that there are thousands of people who have spent enormous amounts of time making sure that for the most they have been using original content in their websites. These people want blood and vengeance on black hat and I guess they are thirsty to see what happens next. What if we did not have to be too concerned about definitions of seo and were confident that if we simply produce original content websites we are going to be higher ranked over copy cat sites? The idea is a perfect one because the web as we know it will become more interesting if people are concerned about uploading their own material. What if the internet becomes even more concerned about false advertising and those with trusted websites are able to apply for a special identification card in the future to become a sort of Guardian of the net, just like dmoz editors? Although this can be manipulated, there is definitely a place for it. There are already attempts underway to do this, but we have not yet seen any kind of major rollout. Is it coming? My guess is that it will be implemented in stages. My guess is that this is the beginning of the end for a certain breed of webmaster who has been profiting greatly from manipulating the Google system. I don't work for Google and do not claim to be an expert in all things Google but I am really glad that I am free to write this page containing my opinions. What I have written here is original because I am not looking at any text that was ripped from the web to produce this page. No! This page is coming from me, warts and all! Surely people need to be rewarded for bringing different flavours to the net! 

             adsense earnings

             People with original content want dollars, not cents!


At the end of the day, this all has to do with money, doesn't it? If people have found ways to make money from plagiarizing other people's content and if it is too easy, then others who have been doing things the proper way are going to be asking themselves "why they even bother?" If original content really becomes king, then those who pride themselves in original text, original images, original movies, original songs, original ideas and almost totally original websites should be able to charge at least ten times more than a copy cat webmaster for his services. Wouldn't some of you like to see that? What really is the value of an original content website? Are websites going to be valued by the number of backlinks pointing to them and their website age? Backlinks can be bought and so is this the way of the future?  If these are the only factors that matter, then all websites should be valuated using automatic website worth calculators that use these factors as the main metric and original work should be considered worthless! At the moment there are millions of original websites struggling to be noticed but they are not given the time of day and if that is you, then you also need to know about seo. Yes, you need to fight with me in 2011 and onwards and hope that Google's wrath will not relent.

              blackhat thieves

               Fig 3493.892 Opening things that are not yours!

Do you know people who open things like boxes that don't belong to them? This is what is happening every day. The Black Hat knows how to get into your box and view things that they were not meant to see.