What is Cosmic Panda? Oh! It is an update that Youtube are most likely going to roll out very soon. It is now September the 4th, 2011 and right now we have the choice to use it if we want. Why would I want to make a web page about the Cosmic Panda and what relevance will this page have to my readers in the future when it has been rolled out in full force? I cannot tell you this straight out because if you are understand the effects of it then you will first need to know about the legacy of Zachary Fox

Once you have understood what Zachary has done for the world, then come back here and read further. If you don't understand what I am talking about you could be wasting months and even years spending your time on certain networks without ever increasing the value of the property which you own. What kind of property am I talking about? Well, watch the next video please because if you are familiar with the way that I have designed this website you will understand that it is not possible to know what I am talking about in some of it's pages without spending some time watching a video. Do you know that if someone copies my text (which they do very often) that it will be impossible for those people to make something cognizant from my writing because the content is not just in the text but also in videos which I embed in the site. I just gave you an answer to the question of plagiarism and how to fight it. I don't think that search engines are clever enough right now to see what is truly original and which came first so we cannot stop people copying and modifying our text but we can make it harder for them. Take note of something else in this page. Did you notice that I am now moving away from Youtube? Oh! Why is that? Well, you won't know the answer if you did not bother to even find out about the legacy of Zachary Fox. My demographics show me that most of the people who come to this site are over 35 years of age. The most likely reason for this is that my audience is a particular type of person who has a more than usual investigative mind. It is highly possible that some of you even like solving puzzles or watching mystery movies. So, what is it that you need to protect and guard most of all? Watch the video (at least just 50% of it) and you will know. You will also understand why most of my content is here and not somewhere else. This website now contains over 250 pages of unique content. I am definitely not going to put this kind of content on someone else's land because they can change the rules at any time but on my site I have 100% complete control of any kind of "policy" and I can write freely because I do not have to worry about meeting some stupid editorial standard which is based on monetization. Yes! They want you to write in such a way so that their site is more pleasing to a search engine algorithm that is changing all the time. You might be finding this difficult to read because you are not aware of all of the implications. If you don't understand then simply know that the video is giving to a message to protect what you own. Can you own your pages a social network? Haha! The answer is definitely NO! What can you own? The video will explain it very clearly. Once you know the answer then it is possible that you are going to change your views about websites. Your primary purpose will be to protect and guard what is actually yours and yours only!


I know that this site's navigation seems pretty terrible and the layout unimpressive but let me tell you that people are now coming here. Yes! They see value in this site and my statistic have shown more recently that my viewers have almost doubled in number. This is because there are people who don't necessarily care about site presentation since the content is what they are looking for. Yes! They want to find something useful that will eventually help them to make more money. Getting ahead is one of the themes that this website presents but if I were to list it all out for people to see in a list, then I would die because the way that the new Panda algorithm works has been designed to promote sites that get more page views. How are you going to get people to spend more time on your website if they don't normally want to concentrate too hard? Well, there must be an incentive and maybe you will be interested to know that making more money is one of the greatest incentives on the internet. If you don't believe me then find me a huge blog or social network that is not serving some kind of adverts. People will spend time investigating how they can make more money. If you know this, then you will understand how people are exploiting the new Panda algorithm and making it more difficult to get what you want immediately. In the past there were lots of good directories doing these jobs but now it seems that having a lot of proper links on your website turns it into something called a link farm. Nowadays people are being made to waffle on more so that there is room for more commercial pay per click adverts. Oh! By the way, if you are participating in certain Blogs you will need to be careful that you don't make content that is too commercial in nature because apparently that is wrong. Yes! It is wrong for you to be commercial since the point of the Blog network is to encourage people to click on commercial adverts that are spamming blog pages. So, remember you should not be spamming blogs because that right only belongs to the commercial adverts. Shall I waste more of your time by showing you about how people waste your time? Watch the next video for a great time waster.