I know that there are already plenty of websites on the net about Crude Oil but I am wondering how many people really appreciate the fact that we depend so much upon Crude Oil Exploration, Production, Transportation and Distribution?  My understanding of economics is very simple. I believe that Oil Companies rule the world.



So what on earth has this subject got to do with the theme of this site? Well, you could always come here to check the latest crude oil price or think about things related to this industry which you could monetize on the net. Let's start off with one that I believe is unique. Maybe your company makes these products and if so, let everyone know that you are capable of producing these unique items.

               crude oil gift ideas

               Glass Oil Drum Containing Crude Oil with Gold Base               


I have previously written about the Aromatics Gift Box in Green but this one is Blue and has been designed for the Oil Executive. If I was an Oil Executive and someone gave me such a gift it would stand out above the rest! If the oil barrel was crystal and the base was made of solid gold I would be even more impressed. How much would one of these unique crude oil barrels cost? I doubt that this is something that is going to be available on the mass market. No! This is definitely something for a crude oil speciality site that is in touch with the Oil and Gas Industry.


                                    OIL AND GAS SPIDERS 

Forget Google for a moment. Did you know that they are not the only people spidering the web daily? Do you know about those crude oil insects crawling the digital landscape? Yes! They are out there collecting information on a daily basis. Have you ever triggered a Nasdaq Spider or one of these unknown spiders looking for things like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Petroleum, LPG, LNG and other types of hydrocarbons? The only way you could find out or even verify their activity would be to build your portal directly related to the Oil and Gas Energy World. Which countries need to know most about everything going on  in the oil and gas related world?

             oil reserves

                           Showing Oil Reserves by Region

Did you know that someone who is targeting markets related to the oil industry might benefit from getting a special map on his wall? The kind of map that will remind him daily where the money is.

             uniited states oil reserves

                  United States Oil Reserves shown by red dots

Lets say that you have a sales force in the United States that needs to target public and private oil producers. You might tell me that your people can get all the information they need on the net. I can tell you that your computer screen is so small that even though oil and energy information is easily accessible that people can easily lose focus. Yes! You need to focus if you are in this business and what better way to do this than to plaster your office walls with information that is pertinent to your cause. 

             north sea oil

                                  North Sea Oil Targeting

You might be wondering what useful information I am giving in regards to targeting oil related industries on the net? There is something now called local search and it means that in order for you to be more successful in a geographical area you will need to strategically host your sites in those specific areas. If you don't believe me, then use a proxy

Let's say that you want to target people and things related to the North Sea as much as possible. I believe for a start you might want to design sites related to your oil and gas business in the countries which make up  North Sea Oil. You will need to get involved with those who are capable of doing the necessary work for the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. This might seem basic advice but believe it or not there are going to be people who ignore this simply because it is too much hard work. If by luck one day you really do meet a true SEO who knows about internet marketing in the oil and gas arena, you are a lucky person. You need to pay them a ton of cash to do your work, otherwise you can forget it! The oil industry has plenty of money doesn't it? Don't forget to give him an award for his efforts too!