Right now I am into my 5th month on this site and it has been a great journey for me because I have discovered some new things which I want to share with my readers. I don't expect any of you to read all the information on this site but maybe something contained here might encourage someone who is mystified by search engines. You see, after 5 months and probably over 170 pages of unique content (there is nothing copied on this site) I still don't have any page rank. There is a reason for this and it is because my participation in blogs is of no value to this site. If you don't believe me then follow this powerful link to page which gives another link (you have to click on the poppy) to find out who links to me


You might be wondering why on earth I embedded the video above? Well, my answer is - Why not? Who else is going to embed that video? I like the music in the above video because it reminds me of a time in my personal  history of role playing games and it helps me focus on this page. You see, the subject I am writing about is actually really awful and has a lot to do with why I embedded the video above. I did it because I like it and it has so few views at the moment. I want to increase the views to that guy's video. Why do I want to do this? Well, it is because hardly anyone else is doing this right now. Yes! There was a time in the past when people would link to others because they wanted to, but now it all has to do with money. Giving away links that "follow" or should I say "true hyperlinks" is not something that people do for free anymore. I don't believe that if I make a great site (this site is definitely badly designed) that people will want to link to it. No! People will want to steal the content if it is too good.  As for the nofollow links I am currently using a program for commenting below but I must tell you that if you comment below  you are not going to get any benefit from the link that you leave. I am hoping to change this sometime soon and rid this site of nofollow blog links. If people come here and spend a few minutes commenting I want them to get credit for it. Why should we have to install the dofollow/nofollow program I mentioned above? Why should we have to waste our time finding out who is giving link juice and who is not? Surely that is all so unnatural?  How many of you have spent countless hours each day contributing to article submission sites that allow you a true hyperlink just to get page rank? Why should we have to do this? Surely a lot of us are being forced to write and do things that we really don't want to do. It is so unnatural isn't it? Well, if you did not know about those things then I have just given you some ideas. Ah! Someone will say that these sites are wrong but I say they cannot be wrong if all the content is unique. What should unique actually mean? Should unique be defined by what is going on in the next video? I would like to thank the guy who made the following video because it might give everyone an insight into a world where unique content has to do with changing and rearranging words, sentences and paragraphs.


I am not using one of those programs to write this and I am not saying it is wrong either. If someone is depending on his website business to feed his family he might want to try everything humanly possible to get some kind of advantage. The same might apply to some on an online role playing game. Take a look at this guy's lightning bolt because it seems to be working.