We are living in a very busy world where time has become money and money is time. This could even apply to the way we are building sites. Delivery time is important in a business. Take for example my site. Do you know why I have chosen a "what you see is what you get" program to develop it? The reason is because of speed. Speed is what gets people ahead of others isn't it? Of course, someone might start out slowly but if they are training themselves to be an athlete they will know when explosive power is needed and be able to accelerate much more than the one who is ahead of them. I don't know about you but I find that online calculators can be  very useful tools. I have one on this site right now which belongs to me and was designed to help people know the difference between such things as gigabits and gigabytes. There are far too many tasks to accomplish for busy people and calculators, conversion tables and software can become someone's best friend. That is because the answer is factual and unlike what we are currently experiencing in 2011 with thousands of MLM charlatans telling us they are part of the social media generation but actually don't give anything to us except rules, nonsense and a millions of robots on Twitter to battle with. I don't apologize for going off topic because everyone needs a break, don't they? A website also gives me a chance to tell you a little bit about other things too that are unrelated to delivery time.


A professional salesman knows about something called "Earning the Right" and "Need Development" which I will probably write about some time in the near future but I believe that certain people might remember this website if I help them to locate a program which could save a bit of time. This program is extremely simple but it might help a busy person who is responsible for making sure delivery times are met and that the suppliers have not exceeded their promised due date. It also gives the option for a calculation of he penalties that might be incurred because of late delivery. Some know this is called the liquidated damages

I believe that this particular calculator probably needs a bit more attention because it is currently hard to find due to the fact that there are so many other calculators with a similar key phrase but they have a different function. That is why I still believe that websites and directories are so important to us. Here is a snapshot of the Java Program and you might want to bookmark this calculator for use in future if you are in some kind of business that depends on good deliveries. You will need to wait for the Java to load but once it is loaded it becomes a useful calculator. You can find it here.

             delivery time calculation


If you are a person who has a need for the delivery calculator I also believe that I will be adding value to this by pointing you to another good calculator for Dimensional Weight. You probably know how to calculate dimensional weight manually and maybe you already have access to other calculations but if you are on the move and don't have access to your company server you can always come here to find links to calculations that are important to your  business. At the start of this page I talked about fast and I have a feeling that the courier service industry, airfreight and even land and sea transportation business as well as the people who box and package materials for shipment are extremely busy lot. Whenever I have met these people they always seem to worry about whether the shipments are going to arrive on time. Time is money and money is time in the business world, isn't it?

            dimensional weight calculator

                                    WHAT IS  WEB 2.0 ?

This calculator belongs to Fedex and can be found here but you might not be using Fedex and prefer a DHL version or belong to some other courier company and if that is the case I now have a chance to introduce you to something that some people may still not be aware of.  It is called Web 2.0 and what it means is that you are able to interact with this page. You can use the Disqus application below to add something that might be useful to you or others or simply leave some relevant information and even how to find your website. If you found this page useful and learned something new, then let me know because that is valuable to me.