Do you know about the engineering race to make the most efficient desalination plant using the least amount of energy? Will it be Israel who takes the lead in Desalination Engineering? Watch the video and make up your own mind.


Why on earth would we want to have more advanced desalination processes? Some of the more non technical people don't care about these things and are happy to spend their time looking at artificial plants which is not actually doing anything to improve the situation. Yes! Talk is cheap and that is what most of the internet is actually about these days. How can we add value? Can you see the three words on the top of this site? One of them is a word called "value." If you want to know who is Bid, then let me tell you he is an Avatar writing this page you are reading right now. If you believe there is an engineering bid for more efficient desalination technology you might find some of these thoughts interesting. You are of course allowed to show us that you are worth your salt by adding other ideas to this information. I welcome you to shed your radiation on the subject and give us a good chemical dosing. If you manage to do that, then you are assisting others who have less technical to understand what is going on in the mind of a process engineering designer who is looking for better ways of separation.

                                   SHORTAGE OF WATER

Some people fear that possibilities of water shortages and you might of seen advertising encouraging us to save water. I am talking about drinking water and not salt water. It is not possible for human beings to survive by drinking salt water because in doing so you will speed up the process of dehydration in your own body which does not have a separation process sophisticated enough to remove the salt. Removing salt from water requires a special technology just like removing salt from oil. A good desalter is not something that fell off the back of a lorry at a petrochemical refinery. No! It has to be designed and tested to prove that it is worth it's salt! So, who is conserving drinking water? What evidence do we have? The next image shows us that I did manage to find an example of this most recently. I noticed that someone bothered to padlock a water tap in a parking lot. Do you want to see the proof? Here it is!

                water padlock

               Fig. 234.896 Evidence of Water Conservation in 2011

This means that some individuals are certainly doing all that is humanly possible for them to conserve natural resources but what is scientist were able to design desalination plants that only required individuals to have sea water pumped into their homes where the salt could be separated from the water? To design a system that would be so easy and cost-effective that our only concerns would be whether or not we have enough sea water to supply them with. Would it be something different than the latest membrane technology? Would it be nuclear based or ultrasonic? Am I a wacko? We must not forget that another problem would be utilities having to find the best ways to deliver the seawater to the homes of these water consumers.

               tap water

               Fig 234.897 Looking at water from another angle. 

The above picture is a unique picture and is actually showing the same thing in the first one but from a different perspective. The angle of the yellow valve enclosure is still about 120 degrees but maybe soon we will be able to show you this in 3 dimensions using programs like Autocad 3d, Solid Works or Pro Eng Software. The point is that technology is improving and certain scientists or even civilians who previously might of been considered to be cranks by those who have are recognized as having better credentials might end up popping out from what is considered as "nowhere" in cyberspace. In fact, it has already begun but it is going to go further! In the meantime we still have to follow the advice that the next image is giving us. "Let's no waste too much water" is what the picture is saying to some people and to others it is saying "Let's make more money by convincing people we are running out of water"

Which one are you?

               water resources