Today I would like to prove to certain whoisbid readers that much of social media is absolute nonsense. In fact, too much of  the web is actually filled with pages "about social media" and how we are to do social media (most of it is trash nonsense and lies) while the rest of the world is busy doing what they have to do. Yes! People are actually working and providing for others while the teams of social media charlatans  do not care about the fact that there are lots of people actually adding value and bringing something more meaningful to the world. Let's take a good example of the tech world and specifically qualified engineers who are worthy to be named as such. Yes! We depend a lot on engineers ! Are we aware of the fact that engineering embraces so many types of disciplines and although it is understood that there exists a universal engineering language it is not so simple because there are many dialects in this language. What about the following dialect? Does anyone coming to this page understand what this is about? If you do, then you are truly into diesel power plants and you speak a language called "diesel." However, if you speak diesel, you will also understand someone else speaking "HFO." Yes! I am sure you know this dialect too! Give it a try!

"I am operating a 124 MW Diesel Power Plant which consists of 8 diesel engines and one Steam Turbine as an exhaust gas heat recovery system for the 8 engines. The total energy energy generated is being dispatched to a National Grid. These engines run on heavy fuel oil and the daily HFO consumption is about 600,000 kgs. The fuel oil is delivered through trucks and there are 8 decanting bays with each bay consisting 4 decanting points with 3 inch line sizes. The 60,000 kg capacity truck has four separate oil chambers and is being decanted etc "

               heavy fuel oil

You understood didn't you? Well, congratulations. You have found a web page that understands you. Do you know who brought you here? It wasn't a human being. No! It was a spider..LOL!

               find diesel engineer

Yes! These robots consume everything to do with diesel on the net and when you are looking for something, they have been programmed to deliver what an algorithm has decided is going to be most relevant. I am interested to know about the diesel power plant community because I too have an interest in diesel and am happy to be connected to others in this field who have read this far and are now smiling.

Would you like to tell the world about Diesel Power Plants. Who is in this business? Where they are used. Who uses them? What are the advantages and possible disadvantages? Where can people find you or your Diesel Power Plant business site? If you do this, then someone might be able to assist you either to buy your diesel power plant or sell you one. Maybe there are new equipment vendors that you might be interested in but they did not know how to deal with spiders because they are too busy doing something useful like designing, constructing, installing and servicing diesel power plants.