This page is not about Domain Fowarding which is redirecting a domain to another domain which is also what some people do with parked domains. 

What we are about to discuss you may of read somewhere before. If not, then you heard it first from WHOIS BID. Some people might have to think very deeply about their website and where they want it to go after reading this. if I was the first person on the internet to make this page and give it a H1 Tag "Diverting your efforts" and had an article about the same topic, a picture named according to the subject matter and link from somewhere else to this page with the hypertext DIVERTING YOUR EFFORTS we believe that most likely this page would appear either first on a search engine list for those keywords or at least highly ranked. Why? Because it would be the first page on a website to focus on this subject. We could have a page explaining what we mean by diverting efforts and hyperlinks to other pages. The audience would find us from this page and then exit it to the other pages on the site or to some other site. However, we are now living in a world where many websites are all competing for the same things and those who got in first have an advantage over you because you are coming in late. 

            high website ranking

          Do you ever look at what pages people exit your site from? 


                        CAN YOU CONTROL THE DIRECTION?

What is it that we feel that someone might need to think deeply about? Well, lets say that you have a small website and really want people to find this page that you made, to read the contents and for that page to have at least some visibility but you found that months go by and you are not getting enough visitors to the page.

You might start thinking about creating other pages on other subjects that have some relation to the subject on your favourite page or pages that are completely unrelated but you fear that in doing so, you may have changed what your site is really about. Yes this can happen but think about this - If doing this gets more exposure for that particular page and more results for your business or purpose, then you should not be worried. It could also backfire you because your site becomes irrelevant to the subject you are targeting and your rank gets even worse.  Some people might only be concerned about site traffic (any traffic) while others are concerned about targeting only and will want to be careful about what is on their site and yet there are others who might build websites not knowing what the final direction of that site is actually going to be i.e. they will build the site and let the search engines and audience dictate the direction. They will "listen" carefully to their stats to find out what interests their audience and what is actually working and then TARGET that subject. 

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                 Going upwards does not always mean more traffic.