Having a DOT COM domain name is like owning a part of history don't you think? If someone were to say to me that dotcom has lost it's power, then why are people still talking about Google dotcom, Twitter dotcom and Facebook dotcom? Why aren't we talking about which is a service that offers a short url? I am writing this on February 1st 2011.


We still think highly of these extensions don't we? If we didn't, then why are they normally more expensive than other extensions? I personally have no interest in any domain name that is not a dotcom extension. Why? I believe that ancient things are more valuable than old things. Someone might think that ancient is thousands of years and yes it is, but in terms of the development of the digital world I think we could safely say that the sites from way back when are more valuable because they are "digitally ancient" and in our world, the most powerful ancient things in history are still talked about by others. Will future generations talk about us and our domain naming system? If they do, then surely dotcom is going to be valuable for some time, don't you think? 


Someone working for one of these companies might be offended that I am using the term "ancient" and if you are it is because you misunderstand my point. Why are ancient items in an auction going for hundreds or thousands and even millions of times the value of something similar that was made today? Why? It is because they are part of history and people with money want to own a part of history. I personally don't think that a company like Google will be going up for auction any time soon do you? LOL! If they were, then I hope they will use my website and Escrow services to facilitate the sale so that I can get a whopping great commission and do something even greater than building this website. 

If you are older like I will be able to take you back down memory lane. Do you remember using the Webcrawler back in 1996? How many years ago was that? I bet you that many of the older people here will remember the Web Crawler. Take a look at what it looks like now just for fun. What happened to the Webcrawler and how much is it worth now? Maybe some of the younger generation have not even heard of it but those who have lived through it will probably smile at this image. Your smile proves that it is worth a lot. It is a ten letter dotcom domain name. To me, this domain name brings back a sense of a time that was extremely exciting for me personally. I was using all sorts of search engines and exploring the web. People around me never imagined that it would evolve into what it is becoming today. My mother used to complain about the amount of time I spent on the internet not knowing what I was doing. If you have been involved since way back, you will know what I mean. Some people are still talking and curious about the Take a look at the Twitter feed and see for yourself.



By the way, if you are interested in search engines, you ought to find out about "realtime search" because it is something that is changing the world. That is my opinion and I believe even major search engines probably suspect this too. If they didn't, then why are they using Twitter feed? 

How come I have not even mentioned domain name auctions yet? Is this page filled with irrelevant material? No, I am coming to it now!


Recently I won a particular dotcom domain name in a live auction at just under 4K. The domain name dates back to 1966. I have no idea what happened to the people who made the website for that domain name, but there are still people who want to know what happened to it because it used to be a useful resource. Even one of my friends was amazed and even surprised that it was up for sale. During the auction I met the minimum price that the seller wanted (reserve price) and was not challenged by anyone else. I am now the proud new owner. What domain name is that? Well, I am not going to tell you because I am trying to do something useful with it and don't want to be disturbed in the process. I believe that it is far more valuable than anyone else does not because of the domain name itself but because of what it used to represent to me and others. I am going to try and "keep it going" so that it does not die. It just goes to show that some people have a different idea of domain worth than others. Maybe you think this way too? Let me know what you think about domain names, especially .COM.  Do you think that the website connected to that domain name makes a huge difference?