Whether you writing a detailed explanations of scientific experiments or simply telling the world about a special holiday location or a discounted computer device, you must always realize that what you write originates from you and some people believe it should rightfully belong to you. If you think that your views and opinion are worthless, then you won't worry about these things but I am writing about people who have self worth and put a value to the material they produce. If you are using a network outside of your domain, whether it is a blog, autoblog or some social network plugin, you have to realize that whatever you place on that part of cyberspace cannot truly be owned by you. The reason for this is it does not exist on your own domain which is like a piece of land that you own. It is on someone else's land.  Although you may have plugins on your website and it appears that content from those social networks is on your domain, it technically does not reside there. The file for your content is not associated with your domain name or the place where you host your website under your domain. I am using simple words to explain something without becoming guilty of trying to blind people with science. It is not difficult to understand if you watch the following video.


The way that certain social networks might want to entice certain internet users is to raise the hype about financial loss that will occur if you do not join those networks. This will make people sign up in a hurry because no-one wants to lose out. There are many techniques that social network providers might use in order to entice their prey. One of them is the idea that joining or commenting on blogs is going to increase your earning potential by allowing you to have more relevant backlinks to your site. This false logic says that you post your rich content on another network and link to the resource on your site for the further content or explanation. This all sounds like a good idea in practice but actually it does not work for many reasons. Here are some of them.

1. The links back to your site are now absolutely worthless since the nodofollow has become the norm and will never increase your domain name value.

2. It is not possible to buy and sell your social network url.

3. The content you provide might not belong to you from a technical standpoint. That is because it does not reside on your domain but somewhere else.

4. You can have your account suspended by a social network and find you can do nothing about it. Some innocent people have been victims of cyber attacks and end up being accused of things they did not do.

OK- I might be sounding too negative but there is some value in certain social  networks that give a little bit of help to your site. Of course it is not within their interest to promote your site over their site but they know that there are certain people who know the game and how it works, so they have to provide some kind of incentive. Some of the incentives have to do with the possibility of making money but for most people it is going to be pennies. There are of course exceptions to the rule but they are probably less than 0.000001% of users. The other incentive is the possibility of a true link to your website. Social networks offering true dofollow links are more valuable to domain and website owners who are concerned more about their own domain/website value than that of their social network channel, since they cannot really own the channel anyway.

The way forward is to produce content for your own sites. That is because your site will grow and as it grows, your own site value will increase. If your website is far less valuable than your social network then you might want to think about ways to divert traffic back to your own domain. Some people are using programs to automatically create site content. The best of these programs actually succeed a lot of the time because they are able to use advanced methods that will change content so dramatically that it will not look like the original anymore. I am not sure how advanced the program offered below actually is but I am inserting it on this page for educational purposes.