Most recently I have experienced the pleasure of getting a little feedback from a nice bunch of domainers on the Twitter social network. You might of been asking the question "How do I buy a domain name that is going to run out?" If you can't find a satisfying answer on the web, you can always ask certain  Domainers on Twitter because that is what these people know how to do well.

This is because Twitter is the only realtime search engine in the world that is actually working for some people. The fact that people are willing to spend their time interacting with others on a realtime platform is most definitely evidence of their willingness to be of service to anyone. You see, making websites and depending only search engines is something that is getting rather old with many of the younger generation. If you are getting older and you don't want to be known as a person who despises younger people and social networks, you should encourage younger people to improve the technology instead of blogging about how terrible it all is. In the end the younger people will be the leaders of the newer technology which is going to overtake this generation anyway. Maybe now is your time, but soon it will be theirs. Instead of trying to prevent the inevitable, why not just join in the fun? What have you got to lose? Well, some of you are paranoid about losing a ton of cash because of emerging technologies. If I am hitting a raw nerve, then read on!  

                                   MONEY MONEY MONEY!

If you are going to buy a domain name only for the sake of monetizing it then you might first want to take a look at a general table below which gives an estimate of which subjects pay more and less. This metric is useful because it can help you to understand how different subjects carry more value than others. You don't have to get involved with PPC at all. In fact, I recommend that you make a website without PPC if you want to make more money. 

PPC will not normally pay the light bills. Many professionals have built portals selling goods and services through their website which brings them directly to their clients while at the same time they allow the PPC ads to be displayed. I believe that PPC is simply a way to make some extra cash i.e. things that you don't provide on your website can be provided by the PPC clients fed to your pages through the affiliate. As for hitting raw nerve, I personally believe that one day domain names, traditional search engines and current forms of SEO will be relatively unimportant. This might worry certain people who already have powerful websites with high search engine rankings that are depending on the current status quo to continue as it is. Well, I don't think it is going to happen overnight, so you still have a quite a few years to cash in and be rewarded for the work that you did in the past and the stuff you are doing now. 2010 and 2011 introduced a whole new landscape for domains with new extensions. What is going to happen now that this is going on? I don't know. 

What I do know is that currently dotcom is still king. I also believe that even if dotcom loses it's value in search engines in the next few years the extension will still be valuable simply because it is considered to be prestigious. It is prestigious because of history and we all know that there is always a market for old and rarer things. I could be wrong, but I feel that right now is a good time to buy domain names in the dotcom. I would be interested to know what more of the independent domainers think about this. I am not really interested in the views of the larger companies because they have too much at stake to say what some of them probably want to say.


                                CHOOSING THE CORRECT CPM

CPM is the cost per thousand impressions. This means that if a CPM is USD1, it will cost one dollar for 1000 ad views. This table is an estimated guideline to get a rough idea. If a subject is more specialized then a smaller less aggressive site might bring better CPM. If you are banking on lower CPM, you might need a more powerful website that reaches more people in general. Please note this is very general and not based on any proven metric. It is just rough ideas.



Common websites, general topics or subjects   < 3

Cars, Trucks, Vehicles, Automobiles  < 5.2

Business to Business or B2B  < 14.2

Banking Services and Financial Services < 21

Books, Literature and Online Content < 3

Products for general home use < 5.2

Dating and relationships < 3.6

Education and Teaching Institutions < 8.1

Entertainment  Fun < 3

Fashion Trends and Clothing Lines  < 2.1

Fitness and Working Out < 4.1

Download Video Games people playing online  < 1.6

Hotels Accommodation and Travel Local & Overseas < 4.1

Information Technology  Hardware & IT high tech Software  < 15.2

Jobs Employment Finding Looking Job Agency < 10.1

Legal Lawyer Law Barrister Attorney Legal Assistance < 21 can be higher

Industrial Machinery Factory Equipment  < 21

Medical Treatment of Diseases Ailments < 16

Vitamins Minerals & Health Drugs Medicine < 9.1

Music, Musical Songs downloads CD's Pop < 2.2

News and News Information  Sites < 10.2

General Blogs and General Blog Content < 2 

Religion Spirituality  < 2.1

Science , Scientific Innovation, Resources < 11

Social Networks People  Networking, Sports  < 3

Domain buying Web hosting Websites Web Tools < 5

                          BUYING YOUR BEST DOMAIN NAME

We are a website that encourages people who are in the domainer business to think about turning their domains into full blown websites which are going to be far more valuable to most people in the long run. You probably came here because you were looking for something but not really sure what you wanted to do. We don't recommend that you get into the domain name business if you have never had experience in it. Someone reading this might not even know what a domainer is. If that is you, please read my page on what is a domainer?

             abandoned domains

           Fig 8.96 Abandoned Building like Abandoned Domain Names


 I took this picture on an overseas trip to Bangkok. There are many buildings just like this in Thailand. You can even find abandoned overhead road and rail projects. Why were they abandoned? I think the answer to that is better explained by a banker or a politician. If you take a look at the abandoned building above, you will see that it has a decent foundation. Someone could actually live in that building but could not make any money out of it (unless done illegally) because it is not up to standard i.e. it needs some work done to it in order to make it profitable. There are many such domain names and even names that carried websites available through domainers. You can even get hooked up with people who make it a career to watch and wait for domains that are going to be abandoned. If these individuals have been spending time doing this, then surely if they manage to aquire a domain property that could be useful to someone else, they deserve to make some kind of profit for spending time doing this for others. If you want to do this yourself there is nothing stopping you but my thoughts are that we only have a few hours in the day and so not everyone will have the time and resources to be an independent domainer.

                                     NEW DOMAIN NAMES

I bought the domain name for a few bucks. I think that I am the first person in the world to actually do something with this domain name. I did a check in the whois records and found that this domain is not new. Someone bought this domain name in the past and it was dropped and became worthless. Now that I have actually put a website to this domain name, the market values it at a much higher price than it was before. A brand new domain name is a name that no-one has ever registered before. I have personally benefitted from the services domainers provide. I have also seen a nasty side to the domain reselling business where certain people artifically inflate the value of the domain name by convincing others that the domain name is worth much more than it actually is. In fact, that was one of the reason which gave me the fuel to make this website as a resource for others.

                                        DOMAINER COMEDY

If you have become eccentric on the web because of overworking for too many years on projects you might find my page about domainers entertaining. I have to laugh at the idea of domain name parking and you will see why


              Domain Name Parking is not going anywhere for most


                                   DOMAIN NAME IDEAS 

I would like to be able to link to thousands of websites from this page to give examples of what I believe are great websites for various topics. Unfortunately nowadays you don't get credit by point at too many resources. If you want to know more about this you can read other parts of my website dealing with backlinks.


                     Do you know where I took this picture? LOL!

If you are an artist you should get a domain name that makes you stand out. Think about what subset of art you are in an then chose a name that has your  keyword in it. The reason why the keyword in the domain name might be important is because people might be using image search to find your website.  Some artists don't like to write too much, so they have to be found. If for example you are in the animation business, I would recommend that you at least have the word "animation" in your domain name somewhere. This may seem like I am patronizing others and that it should be common sense but some people are making their life harder by choosing domain names that have nothing to do with the subject that they are targeting. Am I practicing what I say in this site? I guess I am. Do you know how often the word "whois" appears on the internet? What about the word "bid?" You might be surprised at just how much bid business is conducted on the net. This website is about domain names, search engines, SEO and money. Bidding is part of our everyday life on the internet. PPC is a form of bidding isn't it? Some would say it is taking a gamble. If you go to an auction and buy something, you are taking a calculated risk are you not? If you don't know have the education and experience needed to take that "educated guess" then I guess it is just like gambling. So, knowledge, listening to good advice and experience will lessen the chances of being guilty of making huge bets on things that could be similar to playing cards.


You could try buying an Animation domain but it would probably mean that you have to get well versed in rendering graphics if you are going to provide the content yourself. Some people are under the impression that every website needs to look spectacular. If that were true, then our success would depend simply on our artistic abilities. Maybe later on I will get a hold of someone I use for graphic manipulation and sell services to my readers- LOL! Not everyone is the same. Take for example architects!


                                    ARTIST OR ARCHITECT

 If Architecture domains are on your mind the site probably has to be done by someone who is able to make the site symmetrical and a feeling of a decent foundation with perfect lines. This is because there is a trust factor from the viewer's point of view that needs to be earned. No-one will trust an architect that is offering a design that looks like it is going to fall to bits in a few years. Architects seem to be fascinating people because they are not just artists. Architects require technical abilities too. Although I am not an architect, I can imagine the difficulty involved in having to produce a blueprint for a structure that must have an artistic appeal and yet at the same time be true to certain engineering fundamentals which ensure that the structure is going to be sound.

                            CONTENT OR KEYWORD STUFFING?

Someone looking at this page might accuse me of trying to do something called keyword stuffing. In reply to those kinds of people, I would like to point out that anyone who is going to do anything that contains any substance whatsoever is going to write pages that contain tons of keywords. Someone accusing me of this will not of been reading this page. If they did, then they would find out what one of my specialities is. From the way that this website is designed, you would never of guessed it. This is why search engines need to deep spider a website to scan all the pages, images and text of that site. Search engines coming to a new site will not normally do that. This is because there are too many pages being made on the internet every second of the day. The search engine has to gloss over the index page. Later on it will be programmed to do a deep spider. 

                          TECHNICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY

These are specialist domains for the technical. This kind of site building is very tiresome but rewarding. This is because you have to become familiar with what is actually going on in that particular field. Enough familiarity to enable you to produce interesting content for your readers. However, your readers are not going to be the common man. If you do a demographic for these types of websites, you will see that the readers are normally over 40 years of age, married and from a higher income group. They are not looking for artistic ability. No, they are looking for ways to improve their project. Sometimes money is not the object but rather the excellence of the product and service.  Take an example of an oil rig that has a short period for shutdown. This shutdown is costing them millions of dollars every single day. They will pay a premium to specialists who not only have products and services but also the ability to competently complete an agreed task within short time frame. If you were planning to find fast delivery steel suppliers for an offshore platform, you certainly wouldn't be looking for it in some social network. If you are reading general SEO tips for people selling rope, soap and dope - it does not really apply to these specialist fields. So, in this case you will need a specialist SEO who has experience in building technical websites that attract a different breed of person. I am not talking about marketing the latest iPhone, Mac or Android. No, I am talking about things that interest only a certain group of people who are doing things in the background. These people speak a completely different language to your normal everyday Joe. It is not possible to enter this arena unless you yourself are familiar with that language and what those clients require. Some of these clients will not care less about social networks. They are not contacting you because they want a warm and fuzzy feeling about a person or company. No! They are contacting you because what they are doing is very serious and personalities and marketing ability are secondary once you have made contact with these groups. What they are interested to know is "Are you Capable" of doing what you say you can do and nothing else!  Some of these people would consider internet social networking simply a hinderance. 

                               ARTISTS ARE LUCKY IN A SENSE 

 Art domains are of course free to do as they wish but simply adding pictures to a website may not bring you enough traffic. You will probably need to add write ups about the subject matter and use keywords of common artists without making out that you are affiliated with selling those pieces of art. A lot of artists depend on groups and sponsors and it seems to be a very social type of business. I believe that social networking is a great idea for the Art Industry. My own clashes with art galleries have been purely social i.e the Art Gallery owner invites you for drinks in a party like atmosphere with young budding people in the hope you will get out your wallet and buy that premium domain.. whoops! I mean Artistic Piece!


History and Classical Studies domains will be of interest to a select group. If you manage to get a lot of .edu links to such sites you are doing really well. Anything that has something to do with Universities, Research and Government funding needs .edu links to increase the trust factor don't you think? What is the point of SEO's chasing .edu links if they are irrelevant. Yes I know that some of you have convinced some of these people that you need a link to your irrelevant website. I also think that search engines figured this out some time ago and now chasing .edu links is not going to be as worthwhile as it previously was.


I think that these kinds of websites are going to have tons of material and text- so they are going to be found easily. Did I mention that these kinds of websites are a magnet to content writers who are being paid to cleverly copy and edit material in such a way that it would be very difficult to prove in a court of law? Ah! What was the joke? The joke is that law websites pay! However, I don't think people should get involved in law portals unless they really are involved in the legal field themselves unless they are selling gifts or simply making websites for lawyers. Why spend time twisting your neck every second of the day trying to figure out what certain words mean in their context when the whole thing was meant to be ambiguous in the first place? If you like this kind of pastime, then good luck to you. You can call yourself a lawyer and laugh to the bank at the same time. Maybe some of your best friends are bankers too! Someone once told me that lawyers are very simple because they only have two moving parts. One of them is their mouth and you can guess what the other one is.


 Don't forget to use original images which I know is difficult if you have tons of pages and remember that there are now lots of plagiarism checkers working to catch people copying straight out of books.  Comic domains are something we know nothing about. If you own one and want to share some tips, then by all means get in touch with us and we will give you a true hyperlink and a mention on this website. Oh, by the way.. the best comic drawings on this site are not drawn by me. I asked one of my partners to take a few minutes to do them. Yes! I have a gifted cartoonist who is willing to spend a few seconds doing some line art . I find these people incredible by the fact that they notice things that us boring tech people seem to miss completely. I also think that people with these abilities ought to be better networked with others who need them from time to time. I am pretty sure that social networks will solve more of these problems in the near future. Its rather cold having to go to a website and fill out a form to request some cartoons. If you have your own internal resources or easy access to friendly part time cartoonists, what a blessing that could be to certain websites!

                          SOCIAL NETWORKING COMMUNITIES

 Community domains don't really need to be discussed because of the advent of social networking Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. Have you noticed that alot of contest domains use banners that look like spam? They say things like "ENTER & WIN" but they get your details and sell them to marketeers who will probably try to contact you from a list they purchased. I think that these social networking sites ought to have better advertisers than this, don't you? I don't consider those sites that are data mining or getting too much personal information too quickly can really be considered true social networking. I am fortunate that I am not shy to show my face to others but I think that the use of an Avatar actually helps certain people who might judged wrongly until someone knows them deeper than just by outward appearance.  What do you think? Shall I devote a page on this website discussing the Avatar? Maybe that will come later and if it does I will probably remember to have it hyperlinked from this paragraph...LOL!

                           MORE DOMAIN NAMES AND IDEAS

Then we come to what we could consider to be Business Domains i.e. all to do with business and there are a lot of websites providing tools e.g. process tools Accounting tools packages and programs. Have you actually read this far? Don't you think that I am packing this page with original content? Can you see something about the backwardness of a search engine algorithm? It is backward because it is spidering all of this material. This means that those who are able to talk all day/write all day are going to get more credit than those who are silent? Can you see my logic here? In real life there are sometimes rewards for being silent about a matter. In the digital world, silence means death! No updates or few updates could be sending a signal to the search engines you are dead when actually it could be the case that right now you have nothing new to say on the matter. Do you believe that all the subjects contained in this website page could be summed up in a few words? If you did believe that, then there would be no more need for me to keep providing rich content and to go deeper into a subject. Let me give you an example. Let's say that you want to make a website about a particular topic like telephones. Well, normally the websites that appear highly ranked for that search term will probably be sites telling you the origins of the telephone, the Greek or Latin root for the word and the history of the phone. So, anyone who wants to be highly ranked for a subject like telephones will probably have to provide a discourse on the matter. What if the things you had to say were brief but concise and more relevant than a discourse? How are you going to get highly ranked in that case? My guess is that first there must be a way to identify that you are an expert on the subject and so when you make a website about something you feel is more important, the search engines should take more notice of what you are saying than those who have made these long winded discourses. I am not making it easy for search engines am I? Don't you think that this kind of talk could be the subject matter of a lifetime study e.g Search Engine Prominence in our daily lives and the Philosophy!

                                    SOFTWARE TOOLS

Before you have a mental breakdown from seeing the intensity of my writing I think a change of subject could be your salvation. This is why we always need something that is "off topic."  It is also the reason why sometimes spammers are actually helping our community. You see sometimes people can break us down by speaking and writing about something and never stopping. Without you being conscious of what is going on, you can get sucked into some kind of tunnel that is not allowing you to take a break and to think more objectively. If you are being brainwashed by a speaker or a writer, the spammer can be your salvation because he interjects and says or writes something that is completely irrelevant. Oh my! Have you really been reading this far? Do you believe all the crap that people are people are writing about on the internet? Do you really believe it is all true? Haha! Ask yourself if it really has any bearing on your life whatsoever? I am going to stop now and show you an incredible piece of architecture in a photo I took the other day.

            marina sands

                          Inside the Marina Sands Entrance 


 Almost every industry is in need of software tools whether it is Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture and Forestry and even the business side of the Arts and Entertainment industry. The same could be said of the SEO industry which as far as I know is now a multi billion dollar industry that has been created for the sole purpose of getting that number#1 rank for your search term!


Rather than spending all our time thinking about how we can drive new clients to our websites we might want to ask ourselves if it is just as important to make sure that thee existing ones have some reason to come back. For example, if you are starting a domain regarding Legal Associates, you will need to have some way for these associates to register or join up. How you are going to keep these associates coming back to the site?  This may not require a lot of deep thinking about what they really need. All these lawyers already have money. Maybe some of them don't think it is enough money but my guess is that most of them have empty social lives, simply because they are spending their time arguing for others. Why not try something new? I am not saying that this will always work but give it a try? Since lawyers are always too busy to be taking care of mundane affairs,you can provide services for them that take care of these mundane matters. Since lawyers are always trying to make sense of other people's problems you can be sure that they don't want to be bothered too much about small things when they get home at night. If you can gain the trust of some legal community it might be worthwhile considering ways to alleviate some of the additional stress they might face outside of the office. I am talking about offering massage services (but that could be an idea too) but something helpful in the home. They way that they could be get a hold of you would be through an account on your website. Of course you would need to gain their trust and that might be the biggest obstacle since lawyers are normally shrewd and have learned from their own profession that few people can be trusted! 


 Most people want money or friendship, so think about how you can legitimately lure your associates back to your site for mutual benefit. That way they get money and friendship. I know this sounds really sad but it is the truth. People normally co-exist with each other because there is some kind of mutual benefit. Unfortunately, many people find out later on that when the juice runs out, the loyalty disappears. Some of you know that you don't even have to wait for the juice to run out to make that happen. This is when others are driven into greed which has blinded them to the point where they cannot even see that they should have at least some minimal moral obligation. I do believe that this is not everyone. There are still reasonable people in the world and maybe one of the better things that happens in your life is finding these kinds of people. This kind of social network on the internet seems most appealing to me. Despite this, I still believe that employers and employees need to be aware of the danger of social networks


Before I get too off topic I would like to mention portals. Things like Technology , Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, petrochemical &  Construction business rely on a ton of industrial portals. I won't add more to the list because it is endless. These types of industries need websites where they can get information pertaining to their industry. Some of the more developed audiences in this field require information to keep them updated. This kind of information can only be provided by individuals who have some sort of existing expertise in this field. These experts will normally be too busy to be building these types of sites but an SEO can help manage the website production and ensure that it is search engine friendly.


                                OTHER INDUSTRIAL PORTALS

Have you ever thought about the maintenance industry? There are tons of high cost machines that regularly need to be maintained. The owners of these machines have to follow a quality timetable and are familiar with good practice using something called preventative maintenance. 


                                 THE MAINTENANCE BUSINESS

Maintenance websites will be competing on the internet probably for local business. Of course there will be companies that are in the business of remotely maintaining particular items. A good example might be computers that need to be fixed. Even though computers are becoming widely available at lower prices, there are plenty of individuals who do not want to give up their item. I am an example of one of them because I have been using the same laptops for several years. I don't want to change right now. In fact, I just asked my wife to fix one of my very old laptops. Finding the right service center can sometimes be difficult. Even if you are not providing this service directly, you can enhance the rich content of your website by including things which you don't normally provide. Let's say you are selling certain kinds of computers on the internet and want to attract new clients. One of the ways to help those who are looking to have their existing computer maintained. No, I am using a scraper because what you are reading here is unique content. I don't recommend that anyone use scrapers to build these types of websites. Maybe I am old fashioned in this sense but I have seen people build successful portals for industry by hand i.e. they did not use bots or automation software to do it for them. Can you not see that we have to ask a serious question when it comes to the creation of portals for equipment and the like. If it becomes so easy for us to buy a package that sells automated portal creation software where we are able to scrape tables, images, text and and details of things that were originally by others, we cannot expect to be awarded a prize by search engines for original content, can we? The other day I was searching for a 24 hour dentist and could not find one. What I found was scraped content and useless leads. I believe that if someone took this seriously and made a decent 24 hour dental service portal supporting worldwide clients they would definitely be of great value to internet users. Of course dentists must understand that they they should pay these kinds of specialist portals for the hard work and research they have done to present verifiable data that can be trusted for both it's accuracy and quality.

                         HANDLING MULTIPLE DOMAIN NAMES 

Consumer Goods and Services is one of the most active types of Domains on the Internet. This is simply because of the fact that the customer base is huge.  These products are either sold directly from the manufacturer themselves or through their distributors. A distributor or affiliate needs to make sure that they are going to get a price that is considerably lower than buying directly from the manufacturer's website. Sometimes this is not happening but the philosophy behind this is that distributors should be the ones who are providing local service and value adding with a personal tough. There are still companies who believe in the distributor, even though there seems to be a shift more recently. I personally believe that this shift is bad for our future, simply because those larger companies will have to employ several hundred, thousands or even millions of new employees if they expect to be able to provide any level service to their clients. There are still people in the world who do not want to buy through an automated website. These people might not be sure that the item they are being offered is actually what they want or need. If people still enjoy going to stores and getting a "personal touch" and advice from a salesmen, then surely a website that is providing these kinds of direct services with decent live customer help should be the kind of business we should be supporting. The idea that something is cheaper or lower in price and therefore "we should buy it" should not be the criteria used in every case. People who are busy may not want to find the time to study specifications for  something that is not going to break their wallet. In this case, having "live help" can actually shorten the decision making process since the support staff or sales people are actually accelerating that decision by the fact that they are able to answer any type of question of doubt that the consumer has in his mind. Do you know that many consumers often buy things on the internet which they will never actually use. We are living in a day and age where cooperatives, customer service and E-Commerce is trying to get away from using live manpower. This could be one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the world. I personally believe that at some point, people will get fed up with large corporations who seem "cold" and unable to satisfy some of the particular needs of their clients and these people will want better ways to do business. One of the ways could be trusted social networks (just like ebay where the seller has a trust level that is built over time) Yes! There will probably be new implementations not only using E-Commerce but also a social twist to it i.e. the website or social network channel can receive a rating from it's clients as to the level of good service they actually provided. As this level increases, a metric can be used e.g. some kind of trust factor where buyers will know that others in their social network sphere have previously bought items or services from this particular individual or company and be less hesitant about purchasing through this channel. In real life, the more trusted a person is, the higher amount of transaction value for example.

                                     FINANCIAL SERVICES 

I personally am very suspicious of financial services. To me, the domain name should be secondary. This is because of the lack of integrity and accountability we are seeing from banking institutes. If someone is going to offer financial services through the internet, they are actually asking people to part with some money over a period of time. Of course, if a personal finance consultant can convince someone to do this, they can expect an easy life if enough clients sign on the dotted line and commit to a long term strategy. Most financial consultants unfortunately only think about their long term commissions. A businessman can see this attitude a mile off. It is rare to even find a financial consultant that is actually interested in the success of his clients. This is where I believe that advanced social networks can play a part in defining who really has integrity and who does not. There obviously can be more scope for "individuals" rather than institutions to play a greater role in the trust and service factor. Recently I applied for a loan from the banks and of course these particular banks were more than happy to extend the loan but the problem was that they were not able to provide a level of service that I could accept. The people who came to see me from the banks were too pig headed and narrow minded to be able to take time and explain the options. Of course to them it is second nature. Finally I chose to use an independent ex banker who works for herself to explain all my options and handle the contract for me. This cost no less than the bank would pay because she was getting her commission but she was the one who I felt could trust.

                          GREEN INITIATIVE DOMAIN NAMES 

Anyone spending time on the internet in the USA and Europe will be aware of the Green Initiatives and the number of companies popping up day by day. This could be a good opportunity to purchase a domain name and website related to specialty goods and services that relate to the Green Movement. This could be anything from carbon credits, to wind power, solar energy, Smart Metering and activities related to the building of new infrastructure, software and services related to this group.Check out Twitter and see how many people will join your cause especially if you are part of the Green Movement. 

                               INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 

Information Technology domains have to look smart and sometimes cool but it seems that in order to be successful, they need to be run by those who are "in the know" This is because this kind of audience feeds on what's latest and greatest. They will also easily detect whether or not someone has a deep understanding of the industry. Unless you are fluent in "tech" and are working in this industry it is probably best to think about doing something else.


                                   GAMER DOMAIN NAMES

Now here is something that I think many people could actually do and are doing today. If you like a particular game and are participating in it, then a website with information on doing better in the game could attract potential clients who want to buy something related to the game. People are selling characters they have built and cyber property within certain games. Unless you are a gamer, these ideas are going to be completely alien to you. I believe that these games are not just games in themselves but also some form of a social network and probably many of those who have already learned to gain trust with other gamers might find it easier than most to tap into the future technology involving social networks. The last I heard, the gamer population is still growing, so we have not really seen the full potential of online games just yet. I myself came to the internet through online games, so that is a testimony of their power.


                                  NAIL CARE DOMAIN NAMES

When it comes to  Beauty Products and Beauty related Domains, it seems that the NAIL CARE business has taken off for quite some time. You only have to see how many NAIL CARE videos and contests are happening on Youtube. I actually like a lot of these women who are trying to take care of themselves and have some fun too. Although I do not know too much about it, I can honestly say that those who know what they are doing are finding ways to monetize their social network/domain name/website in this field.

                               HOMECARE DOMAIN NAMES

Could these kinds of domains be great for housewives or single mothers? Of course they could because these kinds of women stay at home a lot. Surely they will be good candidates for Apartment Living and Consumer Information. There are many women who know how to cook great meals and if you are one of them there will be other women excited about your  cooking  or your Do-It-Yourself  Emergency Preparation LOL! There is still a great need for these women to get into providing sensible  Entertaining websites, even about the family along with  Family  Gardening,  Home Improvement , Homeowner issues,  Moving and Relocating , Personal Finance , Personal Organization and of course issues to to with rural and urban living. 

                                    HEALTH AND LIFESTYLE 

I could go on writing and I have actually begun to do something on health with regards to Acupuncture but it would not even do justice to the thousands of health issue related topics now being discussed. More will come later!


                             HAVE I PROVED MY POINT?

My point is this! There are so many things going on in the internet. I have not even covered 1% of it. I have not even scratched the surface. Nowadays we have people making too many generalizations about what is going on but this could mislead someone who is working in a particular field. You might not agree with someone the things that I have written in this page but probably you will agree that if I continue this discussion, you are going to be worn out unless I stop!