Just when people were about to give up hope in the search engine war there came along those people who provide information on the latest dropped domains? What is a dropped domain? Well, it is basically when a website owner did not pay to have his domain name belong to him anymore. There could be a million reasons why a person might drop a domain. Here are just a few but maybe someone else has more reasons and can comment

                repair websites

(Question? Can old dropped domains that were once very powerful websites be repaired and made to be even more powerful?)


1. They dropped a Domain because they forgot to pay an annual fee to the domain name registrar e.g. Godaddy

2. They had more profitable things to do and so they found that even though the domain name might have some value it was more of a burden than an asset

3. They now think that the domain name is worthless (however- if the domain name is old it cannot be worthless because in this game old is gold!)

4. They died and did not give the details to friends and relatives on their internet activities

5. They had too many domain names and they ended up in confusion and decided to get rid of some of them

                              DROPPED DOMAIN POWER

Some people believe that buying a dropped domain that has a  few backlinks already is going to be far better than buying a new domain name. There are people who take the time to provide information on these domain names. Since many of them work for free, it is a good idea to support them in any way we can by bringing more attention to their websites. Some of us believe that the age of a domain plus a few backlinks might save several months of being quarantined by search engines i.e. some experts say that once a domain has reached a certain age (even if it has few backlinks) that it is going to be trusted more than a new one. In order to prove this theory it would be necessary for someone to actually do this. I believe personally that people who know the answer to this won't necessarily be telling everyone if they are successful or not. The reason why most won't share these things is because it could be part of their secret internet strategy and we all know who difficult it has now become for new websites to get noticed on the web due the fact that there are millions of new competing sites every year being added to cyberspace.


Since things are always changing i.e. search engine algorithms and search engine policies etc it is always a good idea to get updated information on whether or not it is going to be a good idea to buy a dropped domain. First of all we need to find these people. I found one of those people on Twitter and you can contact people like Eisenstein if you need to know more. I am sure that if you Tweet him and ask the questions that are bothering you that he will be kind enough to give his best answer.

                 unknown domain

                           Fig 4848.222 Unkown Medical Device

Here is something that is of great interest to the scientific community. Sometimes a lot of technical people are not spending much time on the web. This means that the people who are more aware of dropped medical equipment or science related domain names are not going to have access to information on these domains. Let's say there was a domain which had information about the above medical device. Don't you think the medical industry would be interested in buying it and using it for some other purpose e.g. sell the same device but a different brand or model? The people who really know what is going on are the people in the dropped domain business. So, if you have no time to look for these domains whether they are medical, recreation, entertainment, scientific, literature related, law, travel, internet related etc etc you would be better off making friends with a dropped domain expert and have him contact you when he finds something that he or she knows you would be interested in. I welcome comments from people who have websites listing dropped domains. 

woohoo- response..

Great post, and thanks for the mention! I think dropped domains are still fairly unknown within the search marketing community, but I know from experience that they can make a difference to ranking. However it's important to consider the domain carefully before you buy - domains can have both positive history (links) and negative history (bad neighbourhoods). So always make sure you use something like Web Archive or Yahoo SiteExplorer to check out the domain's history before you buy.

Once you've got a good domain with a relevant theme though, it's so much easier to rank if it has authority links! I've published a free list of links here: .. (Oh dear Dropdigger your site is down.. when it is up I will link to it again..)


Yeh I can also confirm this guy knows a bit about what he is saying. I think it is a good idea to encourage him and try to use his service. You see, he actually bothered to out something useful on this site and so he deserves a dropped domain award from whois bid. Unfortunately I don't know him personally I kind of got the feeling he would be ok in real life because people who give useful information are exhibiting a sign that they possess goodwill which is something all of us need. We all need more links and relevant links too. Is it not links that make our page rank higher and subsequently they become a large factor in the value of our domain/website.