If you are ready to buy an e-reader you most likely won't have a problem with the fact that there are few images on this page. The original text of this page is simply white text on a grey/black background. A lot of people like black text on a white background but does it really matter? What do students think? Maybe the next video will tell you how students react to the ereader!


It is the information we want, don't you think? Do you people who want to buy a Kindle will be thinking like this? Although it is possible to read using an iPad, Android and even a tablet PC there are people who want something a bit different and they can search for it on the internet. Maybe you came to this page. If you did, then  you have a come to a place which probably has a different perspective. You only need to look at the menu titles to see this but don't let that put you off reading. LOL!


                 android reader

                      Some are satisfied to read using an Android

One of the great things about the internet is the free access to all kinds of information and anyone who has been visiting a local computer store recently will notice that there is a growing market in e-readers. I happen to know a robot engineer who regularly consumes several books per week on the latest and greatest in technology, software programming and even sales and marketing and lets not forget the robot war happening before our very eyes in social media networks. Yes! Robot Engineers need to stay ahead of the game and if they have been reading hundreds, if not thousands of books -they need somewhere to store them!  Since Robot Engineers need to take a multi disciplinary approach to science and engineering by touching almost all aspects of it, they need to make sure that they are fluent in every computer language (or at least know about them) and be able to perform a technically correct dance for every  type of engineer. If their performance is successful, then they will be able to stand tall and show the world that they truly understand Mechatronics and can wear the name "Mechatronics Engineer" Maybe the way to achieve this is to buy the best e-reader from Amazon or some other competitor that understands that you don't want to waste time charging batteries. Do those new types of e-readers meet your needs? Do you know that they can now kill the glare and make the reading experience as close to a normal book as possible. Yes! Get your e-reader today so that you can blind us with science.

                             DICTIONARY OF PHILOSOSOPHY

Maybe you don't fit into that category and you are simply a banker, doctor, a New York lawyer, businessman, salesman, software engineer, UK SEO or even a perfume dealer ready to make the transition from reading paperbacks, hard covers, magazines and even instruction manuals to the a newer form of e-reading? What justification do you have to make the switch? Well, if you are reading this page you have already made the transition, haven't you? The information contained on this site is not something that you need to worry about storing in a cupboard and filling space! Is there really a need to weigh up the pros and cons of switching to digital readers when you are already reading this site in a digital format? Maybe you don't need to read too many of those fake blogs which have been designed by american seo companies to make you wait for a newer type of e-reader which their sponsors have told them to talk about. No! Don't wait for the new e-reader because it might be too late by then. Listen to this salesman who is telling you that you don't need to worry about it because e-readers are not that expensive at all and neither are the cost of the books they are selling.

                            RAISING DOUBTS ABOUT E-READERS

One of the ways that people prevent others from buying certain products is to raise doubts about them. They will chose certain aspects of the product or service and try to persuade  the listener or the reader from making a decision about whether to buy or not buy an e-reader. Why would people want to waste so much time trying to influence our decision making process on a product that will not be braking your wallet?

There is one doubt in my mind and it is about downloading books from an international perspective. The engineer I was talking about in the first paragraph of this book called Whoisbid (yes it is a book and not a site if it is appearing in your reader) knows that the technical person living in certain parts of the world is blocked from accessing the online books. The same rules apply for mp3 downloads. My guess is that people need to protect their  local bookstores in certain parts of the world. This is understandable and prompts me to ask a new question about e-readers which has nothing to do with the ability of the product but to do with the availability of the e-reader service on an international basis.