It is not going to be easy for me to write about how social networks can actually have a negative impact for an employer. This is because I actually embrace certain social networks. Let's say that I don't want to spoil the fun for everyone. Not every successful employer is a geek. In fact, most millionaires are not geeks. I know extremely successful men who don't want  to learn to type. Why should they when they have the money to hire a bunch of stenographers any time they want?  They still dictate messages to their secretaries and do just fine! You normally won't see them on Facebook or Twitter because it is beneath them to do that and you would probably have to pay them to even think about it. They don't need those things. If they do need those things, they can always hire someone to do it for them. They are doing much greater things than spending their time online trying to catch up with the latest SEO fad. I know a particular man who just sold his company for several hundred million dollars. Guess what? That man does not even use a computer!

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        Will tech companies be reduced to operating like the Mafia?


This site is about unique content, original content and any company that is investing large sums of money into research and development (even sales development) will know that protecting your "unique content" or should I say  "investment" is something "on your mind." So, what is on the mind of your employees? Is this a question that employers are asking technology experts help them to answer? Yes it is! If you are an employee and don't want to lose your market value with your current employer, this might be something you need to consider when participating in a social network where you have identified yourself with the industry you are currently working in.

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Hey social network! I am so clever I just solved the problem for you!  I hope my boss does not find out that I am giving away company research for free. What a great resource I am to the internet community! I hope I get more like buttons for this!



Marketeers using social networks will often use a pitch that plays on the need for individuals to feel they are more valuable as an individual. A social network is often showing a personality and not an organization. What does the keyphrase "Face Book" imply?  Surely it is one person's face and not a collective. This is why I personally believe  that Twitter is going to succeed in the business arena, because it can more easily be used as a vehicle to spread the message not only of an individual, but also of a collective or should I say "company." If you are reading nonsense on the internet about how Facebook is going to take the business world by storm, you ought to ask yourself if this is the voice of the employee or the employer? Who is it that is going to run the world and who has been running the world? It is businessmen/employers and not employees. I am sorry if you are an employee and this is the first time you have heard someone speak to you like that but don't get upset because one day you might become an employer and remember what I wrote here. You don't have to necessarily be an employer to know how an employer thinks, so whether or not I personally am an employer or employee is irrelevant. What I can tell you is that if I had an SEO business, I would rather not be taking any instructions from an employee. In fact, I believe it is a great danger for business owners to hand over this responsibility to someone else because they may end up taking your company away from you. Yes, some of you are going to face the possibility of losing everything that you have worked for because you chose the wrong people to do this kind of work! How important then is a trustworthy SEO who is going to work for you and not your competitors. I just did a plug for someone who I respect and no, I am not looking for commissions but you might see some Google Adwords appear on these pages if my account ever get's approved. Currently I am being told that this site content is inappropriate.  At this moment I also do not want to do SEO work for anyone, so you will not see anything about me selling SEO services. Forget it!  I am sick to death of working for people who don't respect hard working individuals and that is one of the reasons I am making this website. If I can help someone else along the way, then good!  Let's say I am being taken care of by someone who does understand, so don't worry about me. Worry about yourself!  I am not going to tell you who that is or give any details because that to me is a wrong use of a social network or website. What I mean is that as long as I am being taken care of by someone, I want to mind my own business. If you were my employer, then your business is my business. This is exactly what this page is about. It is about protecting an employer's investment in you and using social networks wisely.

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"You say" Hey social network! I normally keep my source code in amongst my music at home. I don't think anyone would ever go there because it is part of my social life and not my job. LOL!

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You may of heard the saying that the "customer is king" but I find that hard to believe if you are working for an employer who is so skilled at what he does, that he does not need to kiss anyone's ass for business. These kinds of employers are actually like kings. You will not see them groveling on the ground and bending over because of a customer complaint. These Employers have a huge advantage over employees. What is it? It is something called "financial power" and it is one the reasons why an employer is able to employ employees. Don't underestimate the power of money for a minute. People who have money can change something overnight if they want. Does this mean that employers can do whatever they like? Not really!  Even employers in a sense have to work for someone higher than them. They still have to pay taxes and to make sure that they are working within the confines of the law. Bob Dylan said "You gotta serve somebody, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you gotta serve somebody" Even someone in the highest position possible depends on  whether the rain is going to fall and the sun is going to shine at the right time. The following is something that I posted on a social network. I have reworded it in the hope that my thoughts will be conveyed more clearly. I know that any decent employer running a privately financed company who got to know me, would probably end up trusting me more than his own staff. If I was able to show him what is actually going on with his employees and their SEO/Marketing, it might cause a revolution in his company. Of course, he must be listening. If he is, then I expect his marketing department will begin to show hostility toward me because many of them think that internet marketing is about buying an SEO package and throwing tons of an employer's money at PPC. This is why I don't want to listen to you. I will only listen your boss and if he gives me a chance to really tell him what is true, I am going to do it! If he still thinks that he is in control, when he is not. I will remain silent. Here is a message to the boss! Hope it helps!


"  If an unwise employee posts too many details on his "ins and outs," who he works for and what he is currently doing on his social network , it could make other employers think that he is looking for a better job because he could actually be viewed as someone advertising his skills in the hope of a better job.   I am pretty sure that it is all too easy right now to start a part time Headhunter business with virtually no overheads. How many people are now doing this?  All you have to do is spend all day on Facebook and LinkedIn to get the contacts you need for your part time headhunting business . Are some of your people running a part time head hunting business using your time and money? Don't you think that employers who see employees posting too much information about their skill sets and making themselves easily contactable or identifiable could be seriously affecting their long term market value. It's like saying you are a prostitute and will work for anyone if the money is right. To some, it is all about money but there are others who still believe in rewarding people for integrity and faithfulness. Unless you want to be part of an "employee stock market"  then you should seriously think about the long term prospects with your current employer. What happened to faithfulness to you employer? Even the mafia know about being faithful to the boss.  If your current employer knows that social networks leave a digital footprint , he can easily get someone to investigate your net activities.  He can also find out who is running part time head hunting services in his own company. Too much activity or rather "not minding your own business" sends a signal to your boss that you are not worthy for a promotion because you cannot be trusted to keep your mouth shut about his company. What if a certain SEO were to show an employer what some of his employees are really doing? Of course people in that company are going to be hostile toward him, aren't they? We should consider that one of things companies need  in a highly competitive market these days is faithful employees. These employees must understand that protecting a company also means not giving any information to others about your business activities. If a company has all it's employee data spread over the net through social networks, then competitors now have more information to be able to profile that company. They can use this information to attack areas that have been identified as a vulnerability"  

I could say more, but I am hoping others will add to this and help employers and employees understand more about how we should be viewing social networks vs company security.