If you want to impress a small group of individuals on the internet who have a great command of the english language it might discourage you when you try to write about certain things on your website. If you are wondering if you have written  everything up to their standards, then you are no longer making a website for yourself and others like you. Maybe you like eating with chopsticks and you are good at mathematics, engineering, science, banking, commerce and business but english is definitely not your strength.

Do you think that because your english is poor that you cannot contribute anything? You should not think like that at all because you might have a gift or ability that could help others. Why are you not using it? Is it because you are too worried about your English language skills? 


                               Chopsticks and a USB Drive

Making websites is not an english literature competition. It is only a competition for a smaller group of people who like those things. This is because the population of people on the internet who are highly literate is far less than those who are moderate in their english communication skills. What amazed me recently was a meeting with chinese graduate who had a PhD in Computer Science.


                                Flowers speak in any language

A few years ago he decided to make a technical website even though his english was poor. This person managed to reach out to a certain audience who were interested in the things he specialized in and even Academics who had english as their mother tongue were impressed by what he did. He gave step by step detailed instructions on how to build certain engineered devices. His audience clearly appreciated the fact that he knew what he was talking about, even though his site would never be material for a literary award. His site became popular for that subject and is still popular even though he has not updated it for a long while.

              artistic freedom

Why on earth do I have these picture of flowers? What relevance do they have to what I am writing about? To me they are totally relevant. That is because when you are too concerned about impressing a certain group of people as opposed to simply getting a message out to as many people who are interested, you are going to find that you cannot grow. It is like a tree or a plant that is being choked at the neck. Here is something even more interesting. I know certain people who have an even greater command of the english than I do. I think that they could write some really useful things on the net but they are simply too afraid of themselves. They want to write and see what happens by they feel trapped somehow. If that is you, then why don't you make a site anonymously. Don't upload your real photo on a social network, simply use an Avatar. Once you have written enough about something over a period of time you might enjoy the fact that you overcame your fear.  


              chinese culture

Who is going to read your site? Someone will but you might not know who exactly. If you allow people to comment you get a better idea. I personally like people leaving a comment, even if it is just to say hello.