The other day a factory owner called me desperate for my help. He was calling me from Saudi Arabia where he was on a business trip. During his trip one of his staff informed him that they are going to run out of PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD components (PCB's) for their main product.

The component was a modem- but no ordinary modem. Probably most of the people reading this will have never come across HART MODEMS but its just an example of something that is not common to everyone. It could be ANYTHING! Those who are familiar with PCB components will know about problems with deliveries and websites that sell hard to find or hard to get components on what is called the SPOT MARKET. Every day there are people facing these kinds of problems with a need to get something that is no longer available or out of stock from the normal suppliers. Well, that businessman managed to get the PCB component but he paid 5 times more the normal price. Someone made an easy 5000 dollars profit by selling him 200 pieces on the SPOT MARKET.

               PORTABLE HEATER

No, its not used to heat your coffee but it works on the same principle. Who needs an ex-stock thermostat portable heater today?

Much of the glamorous SEO today is targeted toward people joining affiliate programs and selling things worth a penny while the website owner takes a very small profit from the incredibly discounted item. Many of these types of websites have to make enormous effort with considerable investment to keep on top of the pile by targeting goods that are used by the masses. We are not saying that this kind of business is not profitable but if you are going to get into the ring with those websites you had better know what you are doing . Why? You need to know how competitive that area is and to count the cost of getting a piece of the pie. Why not consider SPECIALIST WEBSITES  ? The speciality could be anything from medical appliances hard to find software solutions, steel supply, fire alarm systems and who knows what else?

The more specialized you become, the less people are going to be in the ring with you. Some people might say that you will have less clients and yes that is true..... but..... specialists clients are normally willing to pay more money for something which means you can make more profit. Becoming a specialist seller will definitely mean that you have to research your products and services and be able to provide a level of service that is acceptable to the buyer. 


Who needs a roll of special warning stickers? Which website is targeting this?


With big corporations getting bigger and greedier thinking that they can cut out all of the middle men by using low paid clerks, automated bots, frequently asked questions pages and "sophisticated" sales management software -we are going to see more and more of a distinct decline in specialist services. Many of the people who work for these companies are under paid and under trained. They are not able to handle many of the unique requirements of a specialist market. This is good news for you if you are a specialist. Some may not agree with what I am saying but its so easy to prove. Try going to a website owned by a huge corporation that sells a specialist product and find out how difficult it is to even get hold of a specialist. Either these people are on voice mail or pointing you to some automated website where you can get out your credit card and do the hard work so that you can pay them a lot of money.  HA ! A lot of people with good money will resent this !!! I personally would rather pay a little bit more to a well mannered independent who is qualified to deal in his specialist product. You will also find that some of these independents normally want to serve and educate their clients . If they have a positive attitude, even better !

If you are thinking about using the web to sell your specialist products you are welcome to browse through the pages of WHOIS BID - who knows, you might find something useful and come back to visit us now and again.