If you are looking for a salesman there is a high chance that the reason why you want him is because you want to see something called exponential growth in your business. Maybe you already know the definition of exponential but if you don't then you can always come back to this website where I am happy to link to Wikipedia for our personal edification. Firstly let me explain that I am not writing this to start an argument with a robot engineer or a fire alarm salesmen. No! my intention is more noble than that! If you are reading this and believing somehow that it is nonsense, then let me explain to you that it is certainly not. Don't you know that in these latter days people are looking for more innovative ways to reach out to others on the net. If John Cleese is allowed to use humour in his sales training videos then so can we. There is a saying that if you throw enough excrement on the wall, then some of it will stick. I would like to share my views about this theory and how it relates to exponential growth. Waste products like the one I have just mentioned are also entirely relevant to this discussion because you can extract methane from it and build your own biogas plant but maybe I will write about that later. It is early in the morning for me right now and I am exploding with energy and excitement but it is not because of vitamin B pills. No! It is simply because after more than 4 months I am finally beginning to see some progress in the development of whoisbid. If you want to know about progress on the web in the first three months I have been gracious enough to allow my readers to take a sneak peek at what happened during that time. Believe it or not my statistics program shows me that it is currently one of the most popular pages here and I feel that it is going to be a useful too in our education


                plant growth

I wonder the botanist has something to say about exponential growth? The reason I say this is because they are going to be the ones who have studied  growth itself. Surely if those who have mastered mechatronics have been able to embrace more than one disciple in science then more botanists should also have a place in the community we call the world wide web to explain things to us from a more natural perspective. We cannot learn much about growth from artificial plants can we? Are we going to turn to robots on twitter and self proclaimed social media experts to define growth to the scientific community? Where is the scientific community on Web 2.0? Yes I know that some of you are out there but are you participating in what would be classified as alien and outside your normal day to day interests.  Could it be that some of you are asian and you want to be able to participate more but you are worried about learning to write english successfully because you have chosen a path which is based on a technical appreciation of things in our world as opposed to being able to speak and write eloquently. Of course you know how to read and probably own the latest Kindle, but your input on this matter is important simply because you might be able to bring more visitors to my website! LOL!

                lift buttons

                        One day will you press the wrong button ?

I don't apologize for the fact that we are allowed some freedom of expression or should I say artistic license here and surely this page could be instrumental in asking questions which might lead us to consider a wider approach to how we expect to have people from walks of life participate in other interests which are normally considered to be outside the norm. Let's say that the picture above represents a University with different faculties. You have decided that Botany is for you and all your Botanist friends are on the 5th floor. Every day you religiously press the 5th button because you feel safe in sticking with plant life and believe that your department is working just as reliably as photosynthesis ever would. One day you pressed the wrong button because you were tired and did not realize you had pressed number 8.  The previous night had been spent working on your plant life website which had recently lost it's rankings because you were being challenged by a powerful Indian SEO who was working with a company who you compete with. Suddenly the doors open and you realize that you are in the wrong department. However, you suddenly wake up because right before you there is a huge sign which says "Moving Towards Exponential Growth" 

               electronic pcb

You have just entered the Electronics Engineering Faculty but today you saw something different. Yes! There were thousands of Printed Circuit Boards laid out on a desk that was right in front of you and although they were red in colour, you saw them in Green. It dawned on you suddenly that you know something more about Green than they do! Then it became clear that no-one should ever think that his speciality has no relation to others. You managed to get together with the those strange people on the 8th floor who thought that the people on the 5th floor were also strange. The first topic you discussed was "exponential growth" because that electronics department was cooperating with an electronics firm who were now in the exponential growth stage of their company and they were wondering whether or not botanists knew anything about it and if it happens in plant life. Does it happen? When does it happen? I am also interested to know and would appreciate any response.