Don't you think that we are now living in an extremely competitive world when it comes to the web? What can one person possibly do that several people could not? I think that one person is actually quite limited in what is actually achievable unless he is an insane geek.

If you are not worried about not being able to design something too flashy for your viewers, then you might want to consider WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get website creators. An easy definition of WYSIWYG is that whatever you do can be seen while you are actually doing it. I am using one of these types of programs to bring you this unique content website today. You see, I am not concerned too much about trying to impress people with a design for this particular site. I have other sites which are quite impressive and graphically stunning but there is no need for me to point to them from here because all of them have very little to do with the subject matter of whoisbid. Of course, that could change, but for now I want to keep this site out of any other link wheel or similar sites trap.

                how many visitors

                Fig 45362.11 How many visitors does a website get?


There is a great advantage in being able to do something quickly on the web and I believe that reason has to do with research. If you have been listening to all of those gurus who tell you that search engines are going to give an advantage to stuff that has been originally created as opposed to scraped content then you might want to put them to the test. The best way to find out about what is true is to conduct your own research. Once you have the answers, I believe that your opinion is going to be even more valuable to your clients. I am going to discuss something very subjective but it needs to be discussed because people are searching for answers on questions like "How many web pages do I need to make to get a certain number of visitors to my website?" Yes, I know that we cannot really answer this question because there are too many other factors to consider. One of the factors is the subject matter of the site i.e. what are you targeting and how popular could it possibly be i.e. how many visitors would want to visit the site per day if we were doing everything correctly? If you built a ten page , 50 page, 100 page, 500 page, 1000 page, 10,000 page website, then how many visitors per day would you expect to get by doing that? I cannot answer that question because it is too subjective but what I can tell you is that you can find out for yourself if you have a way to create multiple websites with original content as fast as humanly possible. In order to do this, you will need something like a WYSIWYG program that solves many of the annoying issues you might face with more advanced web development programs that require you to have further html knowledge and experience.

               fast food

               Working so hard would mean only fast food is possible.


                                 PUTTING IT TO THE TEST

Let's say that you don't believe Matt Cutts from Google and you want to see if he is telling lies. Here is what you can do but it will require about 12 months at least and 4-6 hours of your spare time every day and on top of that an extremely stubborn will to keep working on the test no matter what happens around you. Even if you feel like you are about to die, you must still continue producing content. What you do is start creating multiple websites on different topics. You aim for each site to have between 500-1000 pages in the period of 12 months. The first half of the project sites that you create will not be using original content i.e. you just do what the hell you like and use a scraper and auto blog to help you to produce them. The second half must all be original content. On the second half, you should avoid copying anything from anyone whether it be music, pictures, text and open source programs. After about one year, depending on your work flow and how much you can actually produce, you compare statistics between the rubbish sites and the good ones. There! You will be able to make your conclusions on this topic. 


So, what is the conclusion? The conclusion is that if someone actually did something like this, they would no longer be concerned about whether Matt Cutts is telling the truth. You see, the second half of the project (original content sites) is really hard work and so if someone actually managed to do this, they will know what it is to work like a dog to produce original content. They will be hoping and praying that what Matt Cutts is saying is actually true. They will probably be happy to support Google in their efforts to penalize those who have not worked their ass off for a long period of time to produce unique content.