You most likely came here because you wanted a simple list where you could get free backlinks for your website. If you start with a long list you might give up too quickly because free back links that are worth anything to your site do not really come free. If you have just started building your website then you are now in a very difficult position. Some of you have been looking at your website statistics and found that you are not even breaking 100 visitors per day. You need to do something and so you do a search on Google or Youtube for "How to get backlinks" By the way... today I did a search on Youtube and found that this particular video was ranked number 1 for this topic. Why is that video ranked first? Surely that is a good place to be, isn't it? Maybe you want to be there as well for the keywords you are targeting.


The best places to get your free backlinks require some effort and commitment on your part. This is because powerful backlinks are extremely valuable. Some people have already assigned monetary values to backlinks from Page Rank 3 to Page Rank 8 websites. Some of the most decent page rank 5 websites are charging $1000+ per year for a single backlink and there is no reason why they shouldn't. How else are they going to make money for the years that they spent developing those sites. You might be asking where you can find these sites? The answer is very simple because they are millions of them all over the internet. These sites give you decent backlinks under the guise of "Advertising"   If you have money and pay enough companies to give you decent dofollow links then you will see an increase in site traffic.             

pump up your site

As I write this page I want to tell you that this site does not have any page rank right now and will never increase in Page Rank until I get links from pages that have page rank. Backlinks and Page Rank are like horsepower for a pump (left) and your content is like the fluid in the tank. Do you get it?

Did you understand the analogy? If you don't understand then spend some time on the following website discussed in the video below. That website not only gives information on the Page Rank of the site you are investigating but also the estimated number of daily visitors. If you punch in enough sites then you will slowly come to realize that High Page Rank does not necessarily mean that you are going to get a large number of visitors.


If you still don't understand how this works then please read my page on how a Mars a Day helps you work rest and play. I know that someone might of told you that you need good content but I am going to tell you that what they teach is incorrect. If you are going to run a race then you have become a participant in that race, don't you? We all race and some of us want to come first while others might be satisfied with some other position. Some people are happy that they were simply able to finish the race. The tragedy for the worst case is that they did not even run at all. Are you going to tell me that the bad runners who did not finish with a high position could be equated to those who have low quality content? Let me correct you and tell you that we cannot despise people who are considered to have produced low quality content. No! They turned up and produced something while others did not! They gave it a stab. They tried and tried again! Do we despise what many consider to be low quality human content? What if that person was doing their best and could not do any better? Are we going to condemn them for making an effort? Did you know that the most powerful websites in the world are not actually produced by humans? No! The content is generated by software that automates everything for them. Did you know that there is a trend right now for people to become lazy and find ways avoid producing their own content? Watch my next video which is probably a bit extreme but was made for your entertainment.


We should stop listening to those people who keep talking about good quality content and start encouraging others to simply upload whatever they can to their website and not worry about it. If you did actually understand the "Mars a Day principle" and actually do what it suggests then you will be far ahead of others... simply because you are doing something remarkable that is going to increase the value of your own property. If you are running a site that cannot discuss multiple topics then I suggest making another site that can discuss wider subjects.... and have your main topic of interest as a section of the site. 

Many of you want more backlinks because you want to increase your website's popularity. If we don't have enough mass in our site then it is going to be kind of pointless. OK.. If you do have some reasonable amount of content then where could we find a good place to start? 

Why not perform a google search for

1.  Where to Get Backlinks for your site 

2.  How to Get Backlinks for your Website

What did you find? You will find that these articles are residing on a website that has very high Page rank. If you want to see just how powerful that website is then do a quick page rank check using the site that you discovered in the second video on this page. You will also find that I am there too. There is a reason why I am there. It is not because I like the design. No, there is a technical reason which you will understand if you did actually take this page and the links to other pages on my site seriously.  The people who designed that are smart folks because you have to work hard to what you want and they  are giving you a prize if you help them too. If you did, then come and look for me and surprise me after you have written something and want someone else to look at it. If you manage to interact with me... it is very possible that you will also get free backlinks from me.