Some businessmen have a belief that France is one of the most difficult places in the world to sell their products. If this is true or not, someone might care to respond and confirm or debunk this opinion. France however is definitely something different to the rest of the world. This is because I believe that many of the French in France don't want to lose their own language which is something that seems to be happening to most of the world these days. Yes! Everyone wants to learn english. If you could manage to get in touch with the French guy who did the following video, then you have probably found your guy. Good Luck!


I think that if I was living in France I could really improve my French. I also think that I would end up meeting someone who is a French SEO if I really tried to find them. How difficult is it to find a French SEO who can make French Websites that are appealing to French people? Does the following video give us the answer? Probably not because my video is nonsense and probably would never get anywhere in France. You need to keep looking and don't give up because the French are not active in most English things that you see going on in WWW.


Do you know how difficult it  really is to find a good French SEO? If you are a good one then I will link to your site from here but so far I have had no response so I have to say -If we are employing someone to do SEO for France and the only thing they know how to do is to drink French Wine then maybe we ought to evaluate the situation and ask ourselves how effective is this type of campaign going to be for us? Will we ever meet a french seo who has learned military techniques from Napoleonic history and will be able to tell us about the "arme blanche" techniques necessary to win the cyber battle on French territory? How are we going to be able to contact these heroes? Maybe one of them knows English and French and has lots of croissants which means he will not be shy to tell us that he knows how to do this in France. How much would French SEO services cost and would they do it for anyone who is serious about business in France.

                                       FRANCE IS FRENCH

Why should the French have to follow everyone else? Don't you think that the world is going to become a boring place if everyone is speaking english and has nothing else to say about the world except what is going on in English speaking countries. Maybe some people want this while others don't. The ones who don't might be looking for a good French Proxy Service to check how well they are doing in France through eyes of a French Machine. Yes! We probably like French Fries but we need a French SEO to cook up something for us that will be tasty. I was amazed at a particular French school's curriculum because one of the subjects that seemed important to them was how to detect whether food is fresh or not. Does that no tell you something about the French? I certainly adore good french food made by the French but it is too difficult to find where I am. Maybe I need to find a good cruise deal run by a French company or simply fly to France and look for a great serviced apartment because I don't want to stay in a cheap hotel in France since I already have experience of that and it was not fun at all. 

                                                LA FIN

Some of you who don't speak French but have watched French Movies will probably notice at the end of the movie they write "La Fin" which  means "The End" 

Could it be that it is the end of the movie for you or the end of your business in France if you do meet these particular French Experts who not only can build websites in French, do French SEO but in addition have skills in English so that they will be fully aware of what you actually require. What a great thing it will be for us to meet the right person in France if we have these kinds of needs!