Some people come here because they are looking for the Reggae got Soul Band. You could not remember their name. Don't worry! I am here to remind you of Toots and the Maytals. Sometimes I wonder what on earth is going on in the world of advertising and media. If there is a group or a singer that is so talented that everyone ought to know about them, then music media companies should be doing their best to spread the news about them all over the world. I don't claim to know how the music business works but I am beginning to feel that the large companies in some sense might be controlling what they want to be popular more than what is actually good music.  In the case of Toots & Maytals I believe that the music media companies have terribly failed. Throughout my whole life, I have never heard of this group or "Toots" until this week. I went to a concert where I was introduced to this unknown music and unknown band of people called Toots and the Maytals and guess what? Well, I have never like Reggae music but Toots & the Maytals changed all of that overnight. Yes! I believe that seeing these people perform live is nothing like hearing them on using a media player. There is something so different about them and their style or Reggae. It is as if they are the ones who are able to give Soul to Reggae. Hey, guess what- they have a song called Reggae got soul! I would like them to become more popular. I would be happy if people buy their original music too.  Listen to "Reggae got Soul" by Toots & the Maytals! Yeh! For some reason I feel you need a really good bass sound system and to turn this up so loud that you will disturbing your neighbors or rather converting them to a new Reggae Sound.


Where has Toots and the Maytals been all my life? They are so unique and definitely so much better than some of the rubbish that we are hearing today. It's not just their music too. It's their attitude. I remember something that Toots said on stage and it was something like this " Anyone can be a Rastafari" and went on to explain that it had something to do with the way you treat others. If that is what a true Rastafari really believes then I welcome Rasta any time to my house! I do not argue about religion on this site. I have my own views about the whole thing but I am impressed by anyone whose religion or beliefs encourages others to do good to your fellow man. So, Toots to me is also like a good prophet.


There is something else about Toots and the Maytals that I want to tell everyone. I have never thought about going to Jamaica before now. Somehow this band seemed to have such a good vibration about themselves (something out of this world) that I now have a desire to visit Jamaica. Yes! I can blame Toots for this! 

My question about their music asks "Is it really Reggae?" My answer is "Yes! But it is Reggae got soul!" It is Reggae got gospel- even Reggae got Funk... and any other kind of implied Fusion that you might feel when listening to this group of extremely talented individuals. 

It is a pity that I only got to know about them in later life. I blame the music media companies for this and I am sure that many talented artists know about this problem. Anyway, it does not matter anymore because Toots & the Maytals made it through to a true fan who respects them not just for their singing and musical talents but also for who they are and what they represent! More power to them and may Jah be with them always! Take another look at them today.. they are even better than ever!


Here is their official website. Support them if you like them!