Where on earth is West Dorset and why are they now farming Garlic? Any professional salesman worth his garlic (actually salt) needs to know about the latest and greatest happenings in Dorset -  (we don't make excuses for Southerners here) I also don't make excuses for the fact that there are going to be food companies who really need reliable garlic farms. This is because their final product might depend on it. If they manage to cook up something original they will have a new product won't they? I just put together this unique image so that you know this is really me and that you can sit back and relax and think about garlic.

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Is West Dorset now competing in the unique products game and having a go at Devonshire Clotted Cream? Do you know that Devonshire Cream is addictive and people who have made videos about it on Youtube are getting thousands of views? Take a look a Jimbotyke's top video on the top left menu. Are UK SEO services paying attention? Take a look for yourself because I am now going to take  Allium Sativum - mix it with unpasteurised cow's milk, then steam and cool it slowly  to make Dorset Clotted Garlic Cream! Wow! Don't you believe it! This may not be a hit in the UK but it certainly might take off in Korean restaurants who won't get any business if they don't have a large garlic stock! If they run out they can always open the cans containing your new garlic cream mixture. What is going to be one of the main ingredients? The answer is simple and pictures speak more than a thousand words. Maybe you don't like my photography of the garlic with a huge banana but I am sure someone will get another idea sooner or later. I mean, do we have to mix garlic with sweeteners or does sweet garlic occur in nature?

                natural garlic 

For me to write about this is certainly not difficult at all. Why? It's because I went to a public school in a place situated between Devon and Dorset! That businesss went bankrupt and was handed over to the receivers a few years ago. I have no idea why they were not successful at running a business that was charging an arm and a leg to my parents. I think I will ask one of the UK's leading oem bag suppliers about costs in the UK because now we have a place where we we can get together and exchange ideas. Just read this and follow me. It is really easy! Who knows, I might be interested in what you are doing too! I am certainly not going to bite you but I might want to bite some tasty garlic once in a while. Yes! I confess that I like garlic. I like the extremely powerful hard and crunchy garlic. I wonder if someone can tell me if there are different types of garlic and why some are far more powerful than others? This question has been on my mind and it would be great if someone could answer it.

I hope that this will be a good base for the garlic industry. Yes! You need a base on the internet and a foodstuff base too! LOL! Is it possible that you want to export your garlic products because Garlic Butter is so popular? Garlic butter is so easy to make. Just watch the video because it takes less than 30 seconds but the rewards are much greater!


I welcome any one who has something to add about different types of garlic to  give something unique to visitors of whoisbid ;)    

woohoo- response.. yeah!


The trick - as with all garlic is to plant by the end of November so that it forms a good root system before the winter. It will then stand at least 10 degrees of frost. As with other long dormancy species, however, it can be planted later, up to mid January at the latest, if frost permits. Nonetheless, I put mine in during November. It needs plenty of phosphate before planting, a little nitrogen in March to develop the leaves and help it photosynthesise and plenty of potash thereafter   

Elephant Garlic for sale from Bridport West Dorset. We can supply directly online to both retail outlets and individuals. We sell Elephant Garlic Bulbs for cooking enthusiasts and retailers and Cloves for planting.

We have always loved cooking with garlic.  To diversify on our farm we decided to start growing garlic. Elephant Garlic was by far our favourite. After a lot of hard work and patience, here we are today Farming Garlic in West Dorset.

If you haven't been lucky enough to try Elephant Garlic, it is sweeter, nuttier and less pungent than normal garlic, making it much more versatile in the kitchen. 

Elephant Garlic is a pleasure to grow as the bulbs can grow up to 800 grams in weight and as tall as 1.5 metres, with a lovely pink flower. 

We will be selling Elephant Garlic in mid July 2011.  Please see our 'shop' for details and pricing.    


I grow elephant garlic every year. It is much milder than the ordinary garlic and does impress people who have never seen it. They think you are growing giant crops! 

I also like it because it does not seem to get rust or white rot like the other alliums I plant. 

I have been keeping one bulb back to plant each year, but I think I need some new stock. I shall be trying out some Dorset garlic this year!

I have started to burn all my perennial weeds so I will be adding the ash from that to give it a boost. Thanks for the tip, Mark.

Someone might want to watch a video about Garlic and how it can sometimes be mistaken for something called Lily of the Valley.


I thought it might be an idea to bring Betty here. She is on the left LOL! Maybe she has something to say about Garlic since she seems to be an expert in making garlic bread which many people adore. I wonder wherBettyskitchen gets her garlic from and will she ever find this page if I don't tell her?  This remains to be seen because this page is merely a seed that could grow into a massive plant.