Although many Germans speak English it is our belief that the UK SEO, the  infamous  Indian SEO, China SEO and USA SEO companies are not going to do very well in helping english speaking people produce websites designed to target Germany. If you have ever used German Proxy Services you are going to find out that search ranking for websites and the terms people are searching for are completely different than the United States, UK, India or even China. Are Germans likely to buy products that are made in USA if Americans don't have a portion of their website dedicated to the German market. I don't think so! A small or medium sized company who does not have international offices with employees able to do work on websites designed to target a specific location but still wants to try their luck at selling to the Germans might want to consider might find that they are going to embark on something that we consider to be rather complex in the world of SEO. You see, you are able to detect that this website is made by someone who knows how to target an English speaking market but this person might not have a clue about German traditions, customs and habits and so he are you going to get him to do your German website and your German SEO? What about the problem of registering .de domain names? Where are you going to buy them? Are you going to host your site  in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin or the United States? If you don't understand about search engines going LOCAL, then you need to read about something to do with the future of local search. The following video will explain something very important about Germans in Germany who surf the internet and why we need a particular German SEO. See if you understand the message because it could change the way you view the internet entirely.


The internet is a huge expanse in cyberspace and the world is much bigger than anyone could imagine. If you are living in an english speaking community you might consider breaking out of a mould or a link sphere that is forcing you to live in a smaller world. Yes! To live in a world that does not care about other worlds. How can someone claim to be an international businessman if he is not thinking about new ways to explore foreign markets and to contact those special people in Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Singapore, China or anywhere else on the social media map. You see, all the experts who make these social media maps for us are in total error if they are providing information about the web which has totally ignored the fact that they are excluding billions of other people who don't exist on their tiny diagrams. What is the solution? It is to open your mind to the Universe of Cyberspace and imagine it is always going to be 10,000 times bigger than your wildest imagination. Don't fall for any self proclaimed expert who is trying to fool you into believe that the internet is smaller than it really is. What do these tricksters doing this want from us? Haha! The answer is given in the video below! They want something from you first. Think deeply about it because I do not answer the question that you personally need to answer for yourself. 


I hope that the parody inspires you and that you will watch the next one and be inspired even more to think about the fact that we all do not have enough time to accomplish our goals and we need all the help we can get from others around the world who will help us to penetrate foreign markets. This includes the German SEO and German Webmasters who know exactly what needs to be done in Germany.