Everyone knows about successful websites that have been around for some time. These websites have now become like gold. Did you know that tons of people are trying to find abandoned sites just for the purpose of monetizing them? If someone dies and forgets to hand over his or her prominent site to loved ones it is like giving gold away for others to bid on.  Let's say that someone has a resource website with a  good old ten character .COM domain name, a DMOZ listing, 300 inbound links and has had over 10 years to gather moss -MOST  DEFINITELY "that website" is going to be at least a PAGE RANK 5/6 site with several thousand unique visitors a day. If someone can somehow get their hands on it, they have just won a prize, haven't they? If the site is in tact, then all the better. If not, then the buyer really has a lot of thinking to do about how the search engines are going to react to his newer version of it.

              Twitter helped raise my stats in the first three months

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Those kind of websites cannot fail.  What if you try to do the same thing starting today? How long will it take you to reach the status of that kind of website using all the brain cells in your head as well as your blood, sweat and tears? Do you really want to find out? Have you ever wondered why some people would rather invest several thousand dollars or tens of thousands in buying an old website or an old domain name that still has a reasonable amount of back links? Why would they invest this kind of money? We believe that if you know what you are doing, you can most definitely capitalize on these kinds of expired domains and websites. But BEWARE - if you don't know what you are doing, slow down !  How are you going to be sure that it is going to work? This is a question most people will ask simply because most people won't take those risks. It would be like high stake gambling to them. To those with more experience it is simply BUSINESS AS USUAL and a calculated risk. Some businesses have no choice, they have to do this in order to survive. OK, now that we are done with talking about old domains and websites, what about something that is new? What is going to happen to those of us who have purchased a $20/year domain name and are hosting on a cheap service?

                                   OLD IS GOLD ON THE NET

The WHOIS BID WEBSITE started just over two weeks ago and there is nothing special about this domain. It is not yet old and testing but someone might remember it because it is a little bit odd, just like the writer ;) If you like suspense movies and are patient enough to come back and check on what is happening to this site in terms of visitors and ranking etc, you can bookmark the following page and use us as a kind of test bed to see what happens to this DOMAIN NAME  

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                  How will they judge a two week old website?


                                      RELEVANT WEBSITES

If you are new to all of this, there was a time when people did not worry about linking out to others but this changed some time back and now many search engines might  penalize some sites who have too many links out and no links in ( this is also still arguable) , well - don't you think this is going to make it all the more difficult for someone who is starting to build their site in 2010? What about us at this DOMAIN NAME BIDDING website?  Are we going to fail the tests ? Is this site relevant to Domain Name Bidding ?  Of course we are relevant! If people involved in domain name bidding find us a useful resource to save money and maximize their time and efforts on building DOMAINS WITH WEBSITES - then this is a RELEVANT WEBSITE. 

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          He was a mean judge but also a fair judge who earned respect 

                                     IMPRESSED BY WHAT?

 What would impress you about a website? Would the ability of the web development team to produce stunning graphics impress you? Would what is written impress you? This all depends on the audience. For example, if you are an engineer looking for a formula on a website you would be more concerned that the formula was correct rather than it having a glossy page with a wrong formula or calculation. Sometimes engineers might purposely not make their website look artistic in any way because they want to attract a serious engineering audience.  If you are convinced that the only way a website can succeed is because of how cool it looks, you could be dead wrong! You might be thinking that way because of the people you surround yourself with i.e. your own world .  Not everyone who searches the internet cares about impressive presentation. There are those who are also looking for gold in the dirt. They want to find something that will help them along the way. This means that the website has to give you something that you need. What do you need? Are all people's needs the same ? Well, if you have read this far it means that you are looking for something useful. What is going to be useful? The next paragraph is very short but its something that probably needs to be impressed into our inner most being about websites. What is it? 


                                  AT LEAST ONE POPULAR PAGE

A website that is getting some decent amount of traffic from natural search in search engines has to have at least 1 popular page.  This means that the page in question is getting a very high rank in search engines for a particular keyword. It may not even be the keyword which you were targeting but your new website is becoming more popular now because of that keyword. Later on this may change and if your are fortunate you will be found by several keywords.  Don't you think that the larger your site is, the more chance there is that at least one of the pages is going to be picked up and be popular? However, there is something you also need to know and it has to do with UNIQUE CONTENT. If your pages are not unique content , the search engines will penalize you if they catch you.