I am going to keep an open mind about the Google +1 Button. What about you? I am not sorry that you are not able to interact with me on this topic in my website right now. I decided to cleanse the site of blog software a few weeks ago. Do you believe that I actually noticed a change in the type of visitors that are now coming to my site from doing that?  I believe that I might be seeing an improvement after having taken out the blog plugin. It could be a pure coincidence but I am happier that I am making this into a website again without Web 2.0

Back to Plus Popularity. Is this type of technology alien to Google? I don't believe so. Many people have not realized that Google already has a voting system that has been implemented on Youtube. They should have plenty of experience with the vote button by now. Take a look for yourself. I am going to embed a video here but in order for you to see the vote buttons you have to click on the Youtube Logo "Watch on Youtube" button to  open it up in Youtube itself. The reason you should do this is because it will answer some questions you might have about technical sites. I believe most people who are technical people will not be using it because they don't have the time.


Take a good look at the total number of views for this video. The subject matter is actually fascinating and the Google Tech People seemed to have chosen a really high quality person called Erich W. Gunther to speak on Smart Grid Utilities and Internet Protocol. If you really did open up the video then you will notice how many "Likes" or "Votes" the video was given by Youtube users and how many views it received from Youtube users (assuming most viewers saw it on Youtube)

What conclusions can we draw from this? Of course I know that there are going to be some of you who tell me that the sample data is not adequate and  that I should be gathering thousands of samples instead of singling out a single video.  I have not done that because it is your responsibility to do the research if you are interested in these matters. A very simple way to do this would be to browse Youtube looking at different videos on different subjects being viewed by different age groups. I believe that the conclusion you might come to would be very close to the following-

1. It is mostly kids and teenagers who are clicking the vote buttons (they are going to be the next generation)

2. Serious professionals/business people are not using it. This means that experienced people of the world whose vote is probably most important when it comes to serious issues do not use it.

3. You might notice that cult followers click the button who want to increase the popularity of a particular personality irrespective of whether his content is useful or not e.g. hate groups subscribing to a charismatic leader.

4. There is also the question of those who are being paid to artificially inflate votes. You can spot this a mile away when you see certain videos that are not interesting at all but for some reason have an enormous amounts of votes. The people selling "vote services" are always trying to get into your Youtube Inbox to sell you these services. This is because they know that a lot of people want to be "liked" even if it is artificial. I would like to call these groups of people the followers of Money Mouse. I made a video for your entertainment and hope you get the idea.


Of course I could be wrong about all of this but I am not here to be right or wrong. My website is going to leave us with a question about the validity of like buttons. How useful are they? Could they be more useful to a certain group of people e.g young people, music lovers, movie goers, cult followers etc ... and less useful to people who run the business world?

Do you think that wise people will make sure that the button has more meaning for some topics and groups of people compared to others? If the Plus One Button is going to be used as a metric that affects search engine ranking in the near or distant future it would be best to not use the same metric for all.

Now come back to the first video on this page and do some mathematics. Take the total number of likes and divide it by the number of total page views to see what percent of people "liked" the video. The number you are going to see is extremely small. Does that mean that the video is not good? I am pretty sure that technicians in Google know about this and so I am not going to panic about getting enough likes. I think that Page views and engagement time   ( how long someone spends on a page ) will play a greater factor. If you have something to add to this then send me a Tweet. I don't have to leave a link because I am whoisbid and very easy to find on Twitter.