I guess if someone had forced me to get into the Handbag business I would immediately ask myself if I was going to sell some of the most famous brands like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and possibly Prada? That is because I have known women who would kill for these brands of handbags. Fortunately I am married to a woman who likes handbags but does not feel that the world is going to collapse if I am not her regular supplier of branded bags and purses.  I would probably not do very well as a branded product salesman if I were telling clients that its ok not to have these things. I guess I would have to convince those particular ladies that I am definitely a member of their club and  fully support the justification for owning anything expensive and new. Don't ever ask the question "What is it with these women and their handbags?" because it is not an intelligent question for them. I also don't think this crowd of females would be impressed if I was selling them a knockoff. No! They want the original and to be identified with the icons they feel are necessary to their existence. The reason I mention knockoffs or "copy handbags" is because you can probably tell what is currently most popular by doing research into how many people are trying to copy them.

                pr handbag

                         THE HISTORY OF ONLINE HANDBAGS        

I am  not sure if my readers are fully aware of the effort that is probably required by an online handbag shop who has just started out and is trying to lure prospective clients to their site. I am sure that new players attempting this on a massive scale will be shedding some skin during the process. Maybe we could pick up your remains and sell them as leather products to make up for the investment costs but I fear that it would make no difference. OK, what about the history of online handbags? Yeh! In order for us to please spiders we need to have useful content don't we? It also must be unique. I want to do a better job than those scrapers selling the lowest priced replica Gucci Handbags. What have resellers been using to target the masses? Have you ever had access to the stats page of a famous branded product? If you have, you will know what are the most popular keywords. Most of the time people are going to locate them by the brand name key phrase and not the generic terms of their industry e.g leather purses, designer handbags or fashion accessories and probably not even "online handbag shopping." 

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You are most likely going to find brand names being the most common item in the stat report. Knowing this, don't you think that anyone who wants to sell either original, copy or even their own brand of handbag is going to be tempted to use company names and product names somewhere in their pages or should I say digital catalogues? You can conduct your own analysis of this by using a machine that has archived most of the previous handbag seller and reseller activity from way back. Now it is up to you to do your own research if you feel that you are ready to take on a multitude of online bid and discount portals for sought after items.


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Just how many brands are out there right now? Do you want to tell us? You have a chance to give us your best guess. Is it 10,000, 30,000 or over 100,000? My guess is that the handbag and purse industry is a big number. Why do I believe that? I have to assume that women want more than one bag. How many does your wife have? Have you ever counted them? Maybe it is not a good idea to try! She probably would end up suspecting you are up to something. LOL!


Maybe the best way to give my viewers an idea of just how large this purse and handbag market is by telling you that the few pictures I have uploaded are a just a fraction of one woman's collection. If you are a woman and are not embarrassed to tell us how many you own you can always leave a comment. I am also happy to have any reseller of any kind of handbag or purse whether it be popular or not to say hello and lead us to your site! BTW, have you noticed how many people are looking for handbag business names everyday?

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