I don't hate people who use Facebook. No! I simply hate the idea of Facebook and there are technical reasons for feeling this way. You are not going to see me pointing you to my Facebook Page and there is a good reason. I am going to discuss these reasons and prove to you that if you have been using Facebook then your website is now going to be worth less than it was before. Do you even care about your website? Do you own a website? Probably not if you fell for the "free website" trick which social networks are offering us. Stop and think for a moment please! Don't you know that nothing is free in this world? Someone is going to benefit when they give you something for free and you might not even know just how much they benefit at "your cost"

I think that I should be fair to Facebook so I am going to leave this video about deals that you can find as a Facebook participant. Go and join Facebook because I am sure there are some benefits.


If you know anything about this website, then you will of discovered that I support trading on the open market and specifically the trading of domain names. Social network sites like Facebook also believe in the power of domain names and trading. If they did not, then they would not be concerned about the domain name Face Book dot com which is now worth billions of dollars. If Facebook is concerned about it's own domain name (which it considers to be it's own property) then why are you not following their example? Why are you not concerned about the value of your own website or your domain name? 


Do you think that Google cares about Google dot com? Does Youtube care about Youtube dot com? What about LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest? They are most definitely concerned about the value of their domain names! They don't want to change their domain names because those names are now popular. If someone wants to buy those companies, then they will need to have control over the domains. Maybe what I am saying seems so simplistic. Is this is some kind of ridiculous argument designed to waste your time? No! Not at all! This has to do with "content" and "ownership"

If you do not understand any of this, then I would recommend that you watch the following video I produced for your benefit. I am not selling anything to you on this page. You won't find somewhere to sign up or anything to download or put on your website. If you begin to understand what I am teaching, then you will value this site more than you did previously. I want to put money in your pocket but it is your own money and not mine. You are most likely losing your own money and I am telling you how to stop losing it. Don't you like me for that? If you do, then don't ever forget whoisbid because I am adding value to your life.


I am not going to give you all the technical reasons why the value of many people's websites are decreasing while certain others are increasing because it is going to take too long. What I am going to do is tell you how websites "increase" in value. There are two main factors for a website's increase in value. The first is Page Rank (tied to backlinks) and the second is amount of content

If you want to increase the value of Facebook dot com (which you do not own) then by all means spend most of your time over there. Did you not know that it is against the regulations of most social networks to buy and sell accounts? Did you know there is a huge difference for you if you have your content on your own website? Yes! What is the difference? Well, you won't know unless you watched all of the videos on this page. 

Once you know the answer you could be on your way to making some money in the future. I guarantee you that you will if you truly understand!. It is not difficult to understand but why is it that so many people do not understand?

If people don't understand, then it makes my site even more valuable because I am helping others to grasp something that is going to be of great value to them in the future.