I guess that most women know that Hello Kitty started in Japan but has spread all over the world, even to Nail Art lovers. Someone might be interested to know just how you are going make Hello Kitty Nails for yourself. Yes! It is possible because certain kind people have taken the time to show exactly how to do it. This one starts of by showing us the stunning results on a white background nail and you simply have to see it to believe it! If you are young lady then this is probably going to help you get closer to that cute and kind of innocent look because Hello Kitty to me represents youth. The volume is not that great in the next video but don't let that put you off because the nail art that Noemi produced is stunning and worth taking a look at.


I am sure that women who like these things can tell very easily what was used to make the Hello Kitty nails because she shows it to us. I also think that it requires some skill to get it right the first time. The good thing about the video is that you can always pause and rewind to see how it was done.

The same can be said about the next video which is about making cute Hello Kitty Nails. I think the first and second are cute, don't you? Well, there is hardly any sound in the next but that is not going to stop people viewing. In fact, you can watch this and listen to your favorite Lady Gaga Music at the same time. Maybe you are into something else and that is fine because no-one is going to stop you enjoying spending the time decorating yourself and spoiling yourself with Hello Kitty Art for your Nails!


The great thing about Nail Art these days is that you don't have to make something for your nails that is an exact copy of something that is popular or that you like. No! You can have a design that is inspired by something or someone. Take a look at the next enthusiast who has shown us her source of inspiration which is a Hello Kitty purse.


This concept is taking the pink flowers with a yellow dot in the middle but somehow the surrounding white dots on the shiny looking nail surface seem perfect.

Maybe today is going to be Hello Kitty Day for someone and I wish you all the luck in getting it right the first time.